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Heels Season 3 Could Happen At Netflix - But There Are A Few Big Challenges

Hold on tight, wrestling fans; a recently deposed champion might be returning to the squared circle. "Heels" – a family saga surrounding a Southern promotion run by two warring brothers — will be headed to Netflix after being canceled by Starz in 2023.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal gives Netflix the nonexclusive rights to both seasons of "Heels," with the lingering possibility that a third season might drop — but only if the show does good numbers, which is one of a few big roadblocks that might prevent fresh episodes from being made. Since the Netflix deal is nonexclusive, presumably Starz will also retain the ability to either continue streaming the series itself on its app and other platforms where it's available or ship it around to other interested parties.

The move to Netflix makes sense because the streamer will become the flagship home for WWE programming — including its "Monday Night Raw" broadcast — in 2025.  As such, building up its wrestling-related library of programs seems like a wise move. But getting the Spade clan back into the ring might be a problem, as the busy careers of "Heels" leads Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig might preclude such a reunion.

Stephen Amell might not be available to finish the Spades' story

While the future of the Spade family's story might be at the mercy of Netflix subscribers, the actors behind the series' central brothers have already lined up two promising projects — which would complicate any further seasons of "Heels" that might be greenlit by Netflix. Stephen Amell, who plays Jack Spade on "Heels," has already moved on to NBC's upcoming sequel series to "Suits," "Suits: L.A." That drama will likely debut for the 2024-25 season — and is ironically inspired by the strong success of the long-since-canceled USA Network series on Netflix. Alexander Ludwig, who plays Ace Spade, likewise landed a part in the MGM+ series "Earth Abides."

It's always possible that a third season of "Heels" might focus on other characters from the roster, such as Ludwig's on-set buddy Kelli Berglund's Crystal Tyler. The show could also cast a wider net and use Netflix's connection to the WWE to snag other wrestling superstars.  "Heels" has proudly showcased multiple real-life wrestlers before, including WWE star CM Punk

No matter which way you slice it, it looks like Netflix is set to lead a pro wrestling renaissance. "GLOW" fans, keep your fingers crossed.