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Chicago Fire Season 12: Derrick Gibson's Potential Firehouse 51 Replacement Revealed

Firehouse 51 is primed to add a fresh recruit, though there's no word about this newbie's position on the squad. Deadline has announced that Michael Bradway will join "Chicago Fire" sometime during Season 12 as Jack Damon. Bradway will recur during the remainder of the shortened 12th season, and there will be an option for the actor to join the show as a regular during Season 13. According to Deadline, fans can likely expect to meet Jack in Episode 10, "The Wrong Guy," which will air on May 1. 

Damon is described as "charming," but no further details about the character's background have been divulged as of press time. It's clear that the show is still looking to figure out how to replace Alberto Rosende's Blake Gallo, who could be charming if immature at times; his spot as a handsome bachelor in a sea of married men has not been successfully filled within the show's cast of characters, despite the brief six-episode reign of Rome Flynn's Derrick Gibson. Things have been in flux at the firehouse; faces have been coming in and fading out, and it looks like fans can anticipate further changes as Season 12 prepares for its final descent. 

Chicago Fire has lost three major players during Season 12

The revolving casting door at "Chicago Fire" has been spinning since Season 12 opened. Before filming begam, it was announced Kara Killmer announced would leave "Chicago Fire," and much of the early portion of Season 12 is dedicated to getting Sylvie Brett offscreen and safely into the arms of Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), with whom she's had a long and star-crossed relationship. This batch of episodes also brought about the departure of Alberto Rosende's Gallo, who finally found extended family and a new purpose in Detroit at the beginning of Season 12. Then Rome Flynn's Gibson appeared only to be let go after a six-episode run. The character was written off the show due to his substance abuse and for a mental health reevaluation.

Set to help stem the tide of lost faces alongside Michael Bradway is Jocelyn Hudon, who will portray an unnamed paramedic during the final three episodes of Season 12. Hudon, like Bradway, is on a recurring basis with the show, with an option to become a regular during Season 13. 

Audiences won't have to wait long to see how these new characters meld with the old ones. "Chicago Fire" remains on hiatus for the rest of April, and will return with new episodes on May 1.