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Is There A New NCIS Episode On Tonight? (April 8, 2024)

"NCIS" fans will have to find a different way to occupy their time this Monday night; on April 8, they'll be treated to a repeat and a look back on what's made the show such a successful part of CBS' line-up.

The episode in question is the 3rd outing from Season 21, "Lifeline." It sees the entire team participating in Walk a Mile Day, which means they must work with other branches and departments within the Navy. Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) works the tip hotline and handles a mysterious phone call from an agent who claims he's in danger. CIA agents help clear up the matter; the man's an FBI agent whose safe house has been blown wide open. While the CIA agents attending the case believe the man's dead, he calls back to insist that he's still alive. It's up to the team to lead him to safety. 

Airing directly after "Lifeline" will be "NCISVERSE: The First 1,000," a special hosted by "Entertainment Tonight" co-host Kevin Frazier that covers the development and birth of 2023's most-watched prime-time TV show and the property it spawned. This comes ahead of the NCIS franchise's 1,000th episode, an enormous milestone that airs on April 15. "NCISVERSE" will be followed by 'Left Unsaid," Episode 4 of Season 21.

When we last left the crew, they were in the middle of an alien encounter

The episode leading to the franchise's big milestone is quite an unusual outing. In "Strange Invaders," the crew finds themselves caught between reason and scientific curiosity when a Navy pilot named Elliot Greene (Iman Crosson) is found dead in his hotel room with odd wounds all over his body. The team must figure out how he got those injuries — and determine if Greene's contact with an unidentifiable aircraft has anything to do with his death. They are led to Shirley Ives (Mandy Levin), a congresswoman who has a connection to a company that's funding an AI project. This project involves resurrecting the dead with AI (a trend "NCIS" ought to stop following), leading the group to their perp.

What will happen during the 1,000th episode of the NCIS franchise? "A Thousand Yards" will center itself around Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), who tries to heal his broken relationship with his son by explaining why his dangerous job is so vital to him. Elsewhere, the entire team will face a recurrent threat from an old enemy. Daniela Ruah and Vanessa Lachey are slated to make cameos in the episode, presumably as their NCIS universe characters. Fans will have to tune in on April 15 to find out just how far the team will have to go to save one another.