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Ai Reimagines Star Wars With Thanos, Joker & Others As Sith Lords & Jedi Knights

It's fascinating to imagine how different "Star Wars" would look if it crossed over with other properties outside of the sci-fi genre. Aside from some cheeky crossover cameos, "Star Wars" rarely shares the screen with other prominent franchises. However, with the help of AI, TikTok user AI Viking has tried to rectify this fanboy dilemma with a series of visuals that transport a slew of iconic characters to the galaxy far, far away.


Popular Fictional characters as Jedi and Sith if they were in the Star Wars universe Made with Midjourney #starwars #jedi #sith

♬ Battle of the Heroes (From "Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith") – Robert Ziegler

The fan concept is delightful and sees a wide array of iconic characters from drastically different franchises transformed into Sith Lords and Jedi Knights. Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example, is imagined as a cloaked, red lightsaber-wielding Sith. The character still retains his unique purple visual design, though some modifications are made to make him fit into George Lucas' sci-fi world. It's a great marriage of two worlds, as one Marvel director even pitched a huge "Star Wars" crossover that would probably break the internet. 

On the flip side, Harry Potter is seen as a Jedi Knight with a blue saber. The character's Hogwarts clothes are traded for a traditional brown Jedi robe, though he's still rocking his signature glasses. Voldemort fits into the world without much effort, as he already looks like an alien that would show up in Mos Eisley or Coruscant. DC's most beloved villain, the Joker, stands out wearing a red outfit. He's holding onto a crackling red saber, emerging as a menacing presence for any Jedi Knight. The Clown Prince of Crime's inclusion is fascinating to consider as he'd be one of the few Sith Lords to actually sport make-up. 

The Star Wars crossover episode is fantastic

This is an inspired concept that shows how exactly other properties would function in the "Star Wars" universe. Creative liberties would obviously have to be taken, but it's interesting to see the likes of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) from "Dune" sporting two red lightsabers. It's a full circle moment, as "Star Wars" architect George Lucas was influenced by Frank Herbert's "Dune" novels. One of the "Dune" books even had a "Star Wars" diss, which makes Atreides' inclusion as a Sith Lord in the concept all the more hilarious. 

Other characters who show up include "Games of Thrones" icon Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). The dragon rider is ready to fight with a yellow lightsaber, which has significant meaning in "Star Wars" lore. Considering Daenerys was morally grey, it makes sense that the character isn't walking around with a red or blue lightsaber, which explicitly reflects one's allegiance to the light or dark side of the force. While the concept imagines Daenerys in the franchise, Clarke already played Qi'ra in "Solo: A Star Wars Story." It'd be cool to imagine the smuggler one day getting her hands on a lightsaber and duking it out with Darth Maul (Ray Park). 

The wackiest part of this concept is the idea of Shrek, an ogre from a fantasy world, rocking a green saber. The character already looks like an alien and would make an excellent addition to the Jedi ensemble. Then there's Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as a Sith, which is an insane idea, considering "Breaking Bad" is not exactly a kid-friendly space opera. Nonetheless, a Sith Heisenberg would definitely serve as one of the nastiest criminals the Coruscant underworld has ever seen.