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AI Creates A Live-Action '90s X-Men Trailer & Cast - The Results Are Astonishing

Artificial intelligence has a good idea of what the "X-Men" cast would look like if the film was released in the '90s. The first "X-Men" flick hit multiplexes in 2000 and featured a mix of A-list actors and relative newcomers, introducing us to future stars like Hugh Jackman. Made on a budget of $75 million, the debut effort was a gamble, but one that paid off, spawning a billion-dollar franchise. But what if the flick premiered in the '90s and was given a crazy high budget? YouTuber stryder HD has the answer — thanks to AI. The content creator has debuted a high-budget fan concept that shows what everyone's favorite mutants would have looked like if '90s action stars joined the superhero franchise. 

Mel Gibson, best known for his "Mad Max" efforts, steps into the shoes of Wolverine. It's an inspired casting choice, and the film probably would have emerged as one of Gibson's best movies. "Gandhi" actor Ben Kingsley replaces Patrick Stewart as the calculated leader Professor X. His best friend/mortal enemy Magneto is played by none other than the late Christopher Lee. Angela Bassett is brought on board as Storm, which is perfect considering the star was originally asked to play the heroine. All the costumes worn by these giants ooze classic '90s X-Men, with the suits classically following the blue and yellow design.

Tom Cruise, Hollywood's last great action star, meanwhile, steps into the shoes of Cyclops. If Cruise had been cast in the "X-Men," the flick would have definitely made a healthy chunk of change. 

The '90s X-Men concept is amazing

Overall, this is an inspired and totally on-point concept, filled with actors who could elevate the already expansive "X-Men" mythos. Plot details for this concept aren't clear, though the creator does tease a fully realized vision by showing off key locations for the hypothetical film. The trailer starts with a meteor floating through space, before taking viewers to what looks like Magneto's Asteroid M base, signaling that this a cosmic story in nature. It also seems like the concept is set in the Savage Lands and features an already successful team of X-Men, as there are various shots of the team's many island bases. The posh Xavier Institute is also shown. 

Based on the number of characters shown in the trailer, it's fair to say that this "X-Men" flick would show the team already fully formed, ready to tackle Magneto and his motley crew of nefarious mutants. Other standouts in this concept include Julianne Moore as Jean Grey, replacing both Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner. An interesting addition to the roster is Leonardo DiCaprio as Ice Man. 

Funnily enough, Green Goblin actor Willem Dafoe is brought on board as Toad, which is genuinely hilarious and perfect casting. The real showstopper, however, is Jim Carrey as Deadpool, which is all sorts of brilliant.  

While a new "X-Men" flick is still a few years away, fans should check out "X-Men '97," which may change the future of Marvel mutants in the MCU.