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Terminator & Predator Take Place In The Same Universe - A Wild Theory, Explained

"The Terminator" and "Predator" are similar in that they rank among Arnold Schwarzenegger's best movies. However, have you considered that they might also be set in the same universe? One Reddit user argues this is the case, and the theory might have some substance.

It proposes that Cyberdyne Systems offers Alan "Dutch" Schaefer a cure following the events of "Predator," which culminates with the titular alien setting off an explosive that consumes the surrounding jungle. The "Predator 2" novelization reveals that Dutch endured radiation poisoning after getting to the choppa, only to disappear afterward. With that in mind, did he sign his body over to Cyberdyne hoping to be cured, only to be turned into a cyborg instead? The Redditor noted that the process is similar to Marcus Wright's (Christian Bale) experience in "Terminator: Salvation"; he agrees to be part of an experiment that ultimately turns him into a Hybrid.

The theory also posits that after Cyberdyne becomes Skynet, cyborg Dutch is repurposed as a T-800, and his likeness is used on other cyborgs. A deleted "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" scene reveals another reason why the T-800s look like Schwarzenegger, but that sequence was scrapped for a reason, right? Maybe that's because this theory is more interesting — and, it goes way back.

An obscure Easter egg connects Predator and Terminator

It isn't uncommon for creators to sneak Easter eggs into their work to create shared universes. A key example is the Necronomicon in "Jason Goes to Hell," which essentially links the Friday the 13th franchise to Evil Dead and confirms that Mr. Voorhees is a Deadite (one could even argue that every movie with a Necronomicon is set in the same cinematic universe). One obscure piece of media may have had similar ideas regarding the Predator and Terminator sagas.

A theory by Cracked author David Israel Nunez Alvear highlights that "The Terminator" is linked to both the Alien and Predator franchises, and the proof is an arcade game. The aptly titled "Alien vs. Predator" features a cyborg named Major Dutch Schaefer, who was created to deal with extra-terrestrial threats. He is physically reminiscent of the soldier who had a rumble in the jungle with Yautja in "Predator." To add more substance to the theory that both characters are the same person, the cyborg soldier's code number is "CDS: 1703," an obvious reference to Cyberdyne Systems.

This might not be canon to each film franchise's studio overlords. However, some connections lend weight to the theory that "Predator" and "The Terminator" are part of the same universe, should people be willing to dig deep to find them.

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