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Don Mancini & Devon Sawa Talk New Chucky Movie And Season 4 Possibilities - Exclusive Interview

When killer doll Chucky was unleashed on the world in 1988 via the original "Child's Play" film, it would have been a stretch to predict that he'd still be relevant almost 40 years later. But here he is, still standing in 2024 with knife in hand and riding a wave of resurrected popularity via an eponymous TV series, which holds a 100% critics' rating on Rotten Tomatoes for the first half of Season 3. (Due to the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the eight-episode season was split into two parts, with the first half airing in October 2023 and the second half set to premiere on April 10 on USA and Syfy.)

Part of the Chucky franchise's continued success can be attributed to the fact that "Child's Play" creator Don Mancini has written all six sequels and the "Chucky" series. (Aside from being credited with writing the original, Mancini had no involvement in the 2019 "Child's Play" reboot.) With Mancini helming the show, which premiered in 2021, franchise favorites like Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine, Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, and Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky have returned once again to join in the sadistic fun. Meanwhile, a new but stand-out addition to the franchise is Devon Sawa ("Final Destination," "Idle Hands"), who has amusingly played a different character in each of the series' three seasons.

During an exclusive interview with Xoop, Mancini and Sawa revealed their favorite "Chucky" Easter eggs so far and whether Sawa is onboard to return yet again if Season 4 gets the green light.

Mancini sees the show taking the franchise 'to a new level'

The original "Child's Play" came out in 1988, 36 years ago, and has spawned seven other films. Don, what has it been like taking a career-spanning franchise that has only ever included films before and repackaging it for TV?

Don Mancini: It's been really fun. I first had the idea of doing it when I was working as a writer-slash-producer on "Hannibal." And for me, the experience of going into a room every day and hanging out with eight or nine fellow "Hannibal" fanatics and talking about "Hannibal" all day was like, "I'd do this for free. This is great." I saw how passionate they were for the franchise, as was I.

It was so much fun to help Bryan Fuller realize his vision for that show. And it occurred to me that I could do that with my own franchise. The inherent collaborative nature of television really appealed to me, and I really loved it when I worked on "Hannibal," and then "Channel Zero" with Nick Antosca. So, I knew that if I could recruit fellow Chucky fans who'd grown up with the character and were as passionate about Chucky as I had been about "Hannibal," then we could really raise the bar together and bring the franchise to a new level — and it seems to have worked.

Devon, what's been the most fun part of playing different characters on the series?

Devon Sawa: Each character is so uniquely different that it's just been a blast showing up to work and putting on these different outfits, getting this different dialogue, and being in these different environments with phenomenal actors. It's been great, and really cool.

Assuming there's a fourth season, is Devon coming back once again a possibility for both of you? And if so, any fun future ideas for potential characters?

Sawa: On the record? [laughs]

Mancini: Yes. I'll just say yes, I have ideas. Devon, would you like to come back?

Sawa: I'm standing by, sir.

Mancini hopes a new film will accompany the series

What's been your favorite Easter egg so far in the series? Let's start with Devon ...

Sawa: My favorite Easter egg? My favorite was [the Season 2 line] "The Devil's playground ..." Don, what's the quote? [laughs]

Mancini: "Idle hands are the Devil's playground."

Sawa: "Idle hands ..." That's my favorite Easter egg! [laughs]

Mancini: Well, and then the title of [upcoming] Episode 308 is "Final Destination." That's another fun Easter egg for [Devon Sawa] fans. There are so many, it's hard to choose just one.

Sawa: Season 2, Episode 4 is essentially a big Jennifer Tilly Easter egg, for "Bound."

Mancini: Yes, a lot of "Bound" and Jennifer Tilly stuff going on there.

Don, where does the Chucky franchise go from here? If there's ever another movie, will any of the storylines from the series be referenced, or do you want the series to stand alone?

Mancini: I'm actually in the very, very early stages of talking about developing a new movie. And my ideal version is that it would work in tandem with the show. That's my vision — for the show to continue and movies to work alongside of it, but always keep our continuity with the mythology, so nothing would ever be contradicted. Not to sound too mysterious, but ... I really love the idea of it. I pitched it to the network a while ago, and I hope it happens. So, fingers crossed for Season 4.

"Chucky" Season 3 Part 2 premieres April 10 at 10 p.m. on USA and Syfy.