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AI Revealed What Hell Might Look Like & It's The Scariest Horror Movie This Year

Many modern depictions of Hell draw influence and imagery from Dante's "Inferno." From blazing landscapes to punishments to fit the sins one committed on Earth, numerous films and TV shows have spun their own takes on the concept, from "Constantine" to "As Above So Below" to even "South Park." Now, AI has presented its own chilling visages of what Hell could be, and it's scarier than some horror films you may have seen recently. 


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TikToker @realscarytok utilized AI to provide a vision of Hell. If Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in "No Exit" that Hell is other people, then an AI's version is hands — just a lot of hands everywhere. It's interesting because AI is notorious for having difficulty rendering hands correctly. Often, people will have extra fingers or digits disproportionate to one another, but that weakness works in its favor in this instance. The uncanniness of the hands lends an even more sinister tone to the representation of Hell, almost turning the ordeal into a work of body horror like John Carpenter's "The Thing," which Reddit claims to be the best of the genre

The hands almost call to mind a scene from "Constantine," which director Francis Lawrence confirmed has a sequel in the works. In this film, the titular character (Keanu Reeves) goes to Hell and becomes enveloped by demons and their clawing hands. Maybe AI pulled from scenes like that to come up with its version ... or maybe it got the images from Satan himself.

AI has other visions of Hell to rival that first one

Since AI is essentially an aggregate for other images and videos, it's interesting that it took a conception of Hell that's essentially just crowded, where a sea of other people greets new entrants to the realm. Some people joked in the comments about how this version of Hell looks like a packed concert venue, but other more enlightening ideas sprung forth. One intriguing comment points out how Hell is often seen as claustrophobic and crowded, while Heaven focuses more on wide-open landscapes with fewer people. The idea almost seems to be that most people go to Hell and are not worthy of entering Heaven.

This idea of a crowded Hell can be seen in other AI depictions of the concept. A different TikTok user, @MetaCowboy, uploaded a different AI-generated Hell with a preamble about how the images may be disturbing. That warning is warranted, as the video is much more in line with what many people think of Hell. There's a lot more redness and smoke involved, with most of the images featuring people screaming within a red lake.

Plenty of people seem genuinely freaked out by both AI portrayals of Hell. Plus, they serve as good reminders that there have been numerous horrific showcases of what Hell could be throughout media, even outside of horror movies. Zelda Williams' favorite Robin Williams movie, "What Dreams May Come," has a horrific portrayal of Hell, where the main character even meets his father when venturing into the realm. Even for those who aren't religious, any of these concepts are enough to make someone pray a little harder.