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Star Wars: Who Is Darth Talon And What Happened To Her?

After the original "Star Wars" trilogy was released, the franchise George Lucas created in 1977 didn't simply go away. Other creatives across various mediums took it upon themselves to keep the galaxy far, far away alive. The Expanded Universe continued the tales of numerous fan-favorite heroes and villains, taking them on new adventures and adding fresh elements to the fray. Naturally, with so many fans drawn to dark side characters, the Sith ranks received significant expansion through books, comics, video games, and more. Among the most memorable and interesting is Darth Talon.

Though not one of the most powerful Sith in the "Star Wars" universe, Talon certainly leaves her mark. Introduced in the 2006 comic "Legacy 2: Broken, Part 2," the tattoo-covered Lethan Twi'lek wreaks havoc on the galaxy 100 years after the Battle of Yavin. Under the guidance of Darth Krayt, she serves as an enforcer of the One Sith: A new breed of Sith seeking to take over the galaxy, as those centuries ago had done. Her main rival is Luke Skywalker's (Mark Hamill) Jedi grandson, Cade, whom she unsuccessfully attempts to seduce to the dark side. When Krayt is killed and the One Sith crumbles, she goes into hiding, biding her time until the Sith are ready to assert themselves once again.

As it turns out, Talon could've gotten a much bigger spotlight — had Lucas' plans for the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy come to fruition.

Talon could've joined forces with Maul

Before Disney made its landmark purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012 and got to work on the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy, George Lucas had some ideas for a new trilogy all his own. In author Paul Duncan's "The Star Wars Archives 1999-2005," it's revealed that, despite his demise in "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace," Darth Maul (Ray Park) could've served as the main antagonist, acting as a criminal kingpin. Along the way, Darth Talon would've become Maul's apprentice and his main enforcer, just as she is for Darth Krayt in print.

Unfortunately for those hoping for a Maul-Talon team-up, this idea never came to fruition. In fact, with the Expanded Universe being moved into the non-canon "Star Wars" Legend category following the Disney sale, she's not even canon anymore. As for Maul, his story receives a definitive end on "Star Wars Rebels," losing to Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) in one final duel. This came after his return from the dead — an idea directly from Lucas – on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," where he tries to exact revenge on Kenobi for nearly killing him, and his former master Darth Sidious (Tim Curry) for leaving him behind. In the process, he takes over the criminal underworld and later the throne of Mandalore.

Even though George Lucas never made his sequel trilogy, at least Darth Maul got to tell a similar story set within the "Star Wars" canon. Perhaps Darth Talon will receive the same treatment down the road, becoming a force to be reckoned with after the Battle of Yavin. Maybe she could even emerge as the antagonist of the upcoming post-sequel trilogy film, "Star Wars: New Jedi Order," debuting in Disney's canon in a big way.