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3 Body Problem Makes A Rare Move On Netflix

Netflix's "3 Body Problem" is based on the first book in Chinese author Liu Cixin's "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy, and the showrunners are already busy planning more seasons. However, for that to happen, Season 1 has to prove that audiences are interested in the show in the first place — and a recent development on the Netflix Top 10 streaming chart bodes well for that eventuality.

Season 1 of "3 Body Problem" dropped in its entirety on Netflix on March 21, quickly jumping to the top of the list of the most popular Netflix shows. Before long, though, it lost the top spot to an unexpected competitor: "Testament: The Story of Moses." The controversial Biblical miniseries blew up the Netflix charts after its initial release on March 27, but it didn't have the stamina to maintain its lead over Liu's sci-fi epic. A few days after the two swapped places, "3 Body Problem" reclaimed the top spot, and at the time of this writing, it continues to maintain that position.

The ability for a show to lose the #1 position and then reclaim it is impressive and not common. The fact that "3 Body Problem" did so even prompted Forbes to state, "It's somewhat rare to see a show knocked down and then be able to get back up again," adding that the series was still the #1 show in over 20 countries.

3 Body Problem is a slow-burn thriller

The fact that Netflix's latest sci-fi adaptation is gaining momentum after a relatively quiet release makes sense. The slow-burn first half of Season 1 introduces the ensemble cast of characters (many of whom are different from or amalgamations of their book counterparts) and establishes the story, setting the stage and preparing for the events that are about to unfold. By Episode 5, "Judgment Day," the action quickly becomes so intense that it had Netflix users warning each other to brace themselves. By the end of the season, the alien invasion narrative is in full swing, and the cliffhanger season finale leaves audiences begging for more. 

It's no surprise that two weeks in, the show remains as hot as ever as fans eagerly consume the first eight episodes and make a Season 2 renewal more likely by the day. But this doesn't change the fact that reclaiming that coveted top spot on the charts is impressive. Since the beginning of 2023, only a few shows have repeated the feat (according to Netflix's Top 10 chart). "You" did so in March, while "The Witcher" and "The Lincoln Lawyer" made comebacks in the summer. Since then, no show has reached the top and then come back for a second reign. 

Netflix added that "3 Body Problem" remained on the Top 10 list in 93 countries during the final week of March. This is all good news for the team behind the sci-fi smash hit, and it bodes well for the saga's future on the streamer.