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Is Marvel Throwing Shade At Disney In Its New Thor Story?

Contains spoilers for "Immortal Thor" #9 (by Al Ewing, Ibraim Roberson, Matthew Wilson, and VC's Joe Sabino)

Following an intense, lesson-filled battle with the Elder Gods, Thor heads to Midgard after his mother, Gaea, warns him of Earth's potential demise at the hands of Roxxon CEO Dario Agger. However, in "Immortal Thor" #9, the God of Thunder learns the truth about what Agger is planning as he takes on capitalism and corporate greed. The story throws shade at mega companies — which can easily be interpreted as commentary about Disney.

In the issue, Thor confronts Agger, with the Minotaur sharing his plans about pruning the human race and creating a ruling class in the wake of its destruction. Trapping Thor in an illusion of a future controlled by his lust for wealth, Agger reveals that he's recruited the magic-user Enchantress and Thor foe Skurge in his quest to turn everything into content. The Roxxon CEO taunts Thor that he's already become content, revealing that Roxxon owns the rights to the hero and is publishing its own adventures starring the character. Agger portrays Thor as a fool and oaf within his story within a story, influencing readers and shaping their perception of the hero. 

"Immortal Thor" #9 directly reflects the real-life ambitions of corporations to gain profits by any means necessary. Agger even tells Thor that Roxxon's increasing numbers mean he's winning — even at the expense of art becoming content. His mission is a meta-commentary on real-world companies like Marvel owner Disney, which have long been criticized for caring more about profits and quantity over quality.

Thor is being reimagined into something much worse

Thor has already revisited his past in "Immortal Thor," but a new one-shot will showcase Roxxon's reimagining of the character in a meta-story, watering down the hero and showing the evil organization's plans for him.

In the upcoming "Roxxon Presents: Thor" #1 (by Al Ewing and Greg Land) — the same comic Thor reads at the end of "Immortal Thor" #9 — Roxxon's reinvention of the God of Thunder as a corporate hero will be presented to real-life readers. Gone is the powerful All-Father, and in his place is Chad Hammer, aka Roxxon Thor. A lackey to Roxxon, this Thor doesn't fight to protect the Ten Realms alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes but battles for big business and shareholders — everything he would usually stand against. The comic will show what would happen if content was treated solely as such, without any artistry and a sole focus on profits. The result? An unrecognizable and creatively bankrupt Thor, who embraces artificial intelligence and asks no questions about his corporate overlords.

"Roxxon Presents: Thor" #1 will comment — through Thor's shocking transformation — on what happens when meddling corporations put profits before artistic merit, as they literally suck the life out of him to make money. Given that Disney is a content machine, it's hard to see how the story isn't directly referencing its parent company, even if the Mouse House isn't mentioned by name. "Immortal Thor" #9 is in comic book stores now, while the Roxxon issue comes out on April 18, 2024.