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An Axed Medical Drama Is Defying Odds And Heating Up On Netflix

Netflix has done wonders for older procedurals and medical shows that haven't found favor with broadcast viewers or got axed in recent decades. For instance, the popularity of "Suits" became a phenomenon on the streamer thanks to the platform, as the series ended 2023 as one of its most-streamed offerings, years after USA Network canceled it. This resulted in the "Suits" universe expanding through a spin-off series"New Amsterdam" was canceled in the spring of 2023 due to declining ratings, but the medical drama became a hit on Netflix, and it enjoyed a surge in popularity as its most-watched program in the winter of 2023.

So it goes for "The Resident," which lasted for six seasons on Fox before being canceled in 2023. It's getting a new lease on life at Netflix, where it's slowly climbing up the charts as one of its most popular television series, per Flixpatrol. Though "The Resident" is currently only sitting in ninth place on the charts, there's plenty of time for it to grow toward even more tremendous popularity, proving the current trend toward long-form procedurals is still a winning formula. 

The medical drama centers on the happenings at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and the residents and doctors who work there. While "The Resident" maintained a decent level of popularity on Fox during its run, the 6th season became the show's last for a very typical reason.

The Resident was also canceled due to low ratings

"The Resident" met with cancellation on the cusp of the commencement of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The Hollywood Reporter cited Season 6's low ratings, which proved to be the worst in the series' broadcast history.  On top of that, the drama wasn't outright owned by Fox, making it one of a small handful of shows from the 2022/2023 season that didn't directly belong to the network.

Fox has opted to replace "The Resident" with the upcoming medical drama "Doc," which is based on the Italian medical drama "Doc—Nelle tue mani." Centered around Dr. Amy Larsen (Molly Parker), the series explores her struggle to adapt after a car accident erases the last seven years of her memory, forcing her to piece together the major life events, career moves, and family changes that have occurred since then. Her teenage daughter — whom she remembers as a pre-adolescent — steps in to help out.

While Fox might regret missing out on a "The Resident"-related ratings bonanza, it looks like it's pretty content to cast their lot with "Doc." Audiences will have to wait for the 2024-2025 season to debut to determine if that bargain is successful. Until then, viewers can watch "The Resident" on Netflix or buy individual seasons digitally.