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Twitter Thinks The Original Iron Fist Is Returning To The MCU - Here's Why

Following in the popular footsteps of Marvel titles like "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones," "Iron Fist" arrived on Netflix in 2017. The series follows Danny Rand (Finn Jones), who harnesses the power of chi to become the Iron Fist to combat villainous forces and reclaim his family's company, Rand Enterprises. The show only stuck around for two rather maligned seasons before the overall "Defenders" saga came to an end. Despite all that went wrong with "Iron Fist," though, some folks online believe that the title character is up for an imminent return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over on X (formerly known as Twitter), "Iron Fist" fans have had their curiosity piqued by one of Jones' recent Instagram stories. The actor posted an image of an "Iron Fist" comic, either sharing with the social media world what he's been reading, or, as many now believe, hinting that he's brushing up on the character to come back to the MCU. "Finn Jones returning as Iron Fist in the #MCU?" @cosmic_marvel, joined by a host of other speculative fans, pondered. What makes Finn's post even more fun is that the comic issue in his story is a team-up between Iron Fist and Power Man, aka Luke Cage, who was played by Mike Colter from 2016-2018.

Unfortunately, for those hoping for a "Heroes for Hire" or solo "Iron Fist" project, getting your hopes up is likely unwise.

Don't expect Iron Fist in the MCU anytime soon

Since the end of "Iron Fist" Season 2, Finn Jones has made it known that he'd love to take another crack at the lead role in some form. In fact, Jones has said that he wants to prove his critics wrong with an MCU return. Seeing as other Netflix Marvel actors such as Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio have come back into the MCU spotlight, one might imagine Jones' potential Iron Fist tease on Instagram genuinely means he's next up. However, according to some sources, this isn't the case.

In response to an X post regarding Jones' rumored Iron Fist comeback, tenured entertainment insider @MyTimeToShineH made it very clear what their sources have said about such an occurrence. "Allow me to answer that: NO," they wrote, seemingly dashing any hope that Jones could get another Danny Rand run. With that said, one has to wonder not only how true the rumor that Iron Fist will make his big-screen debut in "Shang-Chi 2" is, but how likely Jones is to be the one in the role, should the character appear in the sequel.

As the Multiverse Saga trudges on, only time will tell what the future holds for Finn Jones and the Iron Fist in the MCU — if anything at all.