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The Sydney Sweeney-Johnny Depp Rumor That Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy

No, Sydney Sweeney probably isn't starring in a movie with Johnny Depp — but a rumor made the rounds recently that had her fans buzzing.

Former trade reporter Jeff Sneider, who runs a website called InSneider, released an "exclusive report" saying that Sweeney and Depp were set to star in Marc Webb's upcoming film "Day Drinker," and based on Sweeney's recent ascendancy to Hollywood's A-list and Depp's legal troubles, fans were alarmed across the internet for a number of reasons. Sweeney, who is very online — she recently clapped back at a nutritionist who claimed to work with her, despite Sweeney revealing that the two have never met — took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to post a response. "Woke up to rumors," she wrote, with star emojis surrounding the word "rumors," before continuing, "anyways go see [Sweeney's new film 'Immaculate'] in theaters this weekend!"

So, what did Sneider have to say about all of this, and what did Sweeney's fans think about this rumor in the first place? There was definitely a big kerfuffle over the idea that Sweeney and Depp would team up, so let's unpack why this Sweeney-Depp rumor set the internet ablaze.

Jeff Sneider stands by his report, but the internet was in a frenzy over this Sydney Sweeney rumor

Jeff Sneider is still treating his report about Sydney Sweeney working with Johnny Depp as completely accurate, despite the actress denying it. Not only is it still listed as an "exclusive" on the home page of the InSneider, but Sneider also posted on X in response to Sweeney's comment about "rumors," calling her post "A non denial."

Sneider then posted another update on X, saying, "Not to throw fuel on the fire, but a 4th source reached out today, an agent who was catching up on all the drama. They texted me, 'Sydney definitely doing Day Drinker.' Would be remiss if I didn't mention that..." ("Day Drinker" was first announced in 2022 and there's no concrete casting information available right now.)

Fans of Sweeney also took to X when the actor's representatives denied that she would appear in a film with Depp. "Called it...Sydney Sweeney being in a movie with Johnny Depp made absolutely no sense for multiple reasons," @JeromeM94Movies wrote. Meanwhile, @RichardOcelot wondered if Depp's camp was working overtime, saying, "I wonder if that bizarre report about Sydney Sweeney being in a movie with Johnny Depp was something made up and put out by him and his people to test the waters of him having a comeback by associating it with hot new talent. Which is really sleazy on their part. Give her peace." Journalist Scott Mendelson, who writes for Puck News, also made a pretty salient point in his post: "Honestly, with the key notion that he never really was a butts-in-seats movie star outside of PIRATES films and [most] Tim Burton-helmed fantasies, at this point I'd argue Sydney Sweeney is a bigger 'draw' than Johnny Depp."

Sydney Sweeney already has a few major upcoming projects

It's safe to say that Sydney Sweeney's career is doing just fine — despite appearing in this year's notorious box-office bomb "Madame Web" — so it's not like she needs a controversial star like Johnny Depp to boost her profile. Besides, Sweeney has a pretty full slate of upcoming projects. As she noted, her religious supernatural horror film "Immaculate" is in theaters now, and Sweeney is also working on Ron Howard's upcoming thriller "Eden" alongside Vanessa Kirby, Jude Law, and Ana de Armas. She'll also star in another thriller, "Echo Valley," with Domhnall Gleeson and Julianne Moore.

Then there's the third season of "Euphoria," which has been delayed yet again; it's anybody's guess if Sweeney returns to the HBO series based solely on the fact that her star is seriously on the rise. Still, Sweeney is, as of this writing, still under contract to return to Sam Levinson's flagship series as Cassie Howard, so she'll ostensibly head back to high school before too long. In any case, it definitely seems like this rumored project with Depp is a dead end.