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Young Sheldon Series Finale Reunites The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons & Mayim Bialik

"The Big Bang Theory" alums Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik are set to appear in the upcoming series finale of "Young Sheldon."

Everything is coming full circle for Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro's prequel series, which debuted on CBS in 2017. The series has been praised for peeling back the layers of the comical and complex Sheldon Cooper, who regularly stole the show in "The Big Bang Theory." The hit sitcom features Iain Armitage as the titular character as he navigates his humble family and schooling, eventually paving the way for him to be one of television's most popular nerds. 

Parsons, who plays the adult Sheldon, narrates the spin-off, adding further context to his early hijinks. Now, the Emmy-winning juggernaut is set to appear on screen for the first time in the series' seven-season run. As confirmed by the official "Young Sheldon" Instagram account, Parsons will be joined by Amy Faarah Fowler actress Bialik for the upcoming May 16 series finale. Details regarding their appearances are slim at this time, and it's unclear how lengthy their respective cameos will be. One can assume that "Young Sheldon" will end with a flash-forward, showing the Nobel Prize-winning duo in the present day, probably bickering or reminiscing about the past. Perhaps we'll even get another hilarious intimate scene between Parsons and Bialik? 

Sheldon and Amy reunite after five years

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) reuniting on screen is a welcome surprise for fans of both "The Big Bang Theory" and "Young Sheldon." Audiences haven't seen either actor in their iconic roles since "Big Bang Theory" wrapped up in 2019, half a decade ago. Since then, Parsons has lent his talents to projects like Netflix's "Hollywood," while Bialik briefly boasted the gig of hosting "Jeopardy!"

Having Parsons and Bialik return as their characters is a sound decision to wrap up "Young Sheldon." While the former has always been a part of the spin-off, serving as the show's narrator and one of its executive producers, the latter has occasionally voiced Amy in the prequel series. Audiences even briefly see her as a child in the show (portrayed by Lily Sanfelippo), making this upcoming reprisal all the more exciting. This news comes shortly after it was confirmed that an upcoming "Young Sheldon" spin-off is a go at CBS, and, as expected, fans are excited to see the stars reunite. Just a brief glance at the comments on the official Instagram announcement shows just how enthusiastic they are to see the sitcom icons together again.

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler reunite on CBS on Thursday, May 16.