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Chicago Fire Cast Member Update Teases A Fan Favorite Is Gone For Good

It looks like a longtime "Chicago Fire" fan favorite might not be back after his latest go-around on the series. The Chicago Tribune reports that Jesse Spencer sold his Windy City loft for $1.4125 million on February 28, and while that shouldn't preclude the actor from ever returning to the show as a guest star, there's a chance his character, Matt Casey, might be gone for good. That's despite the fact he tells Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) during his wedding reception that "I'll be back soon," though his best friend says he doesn't think he's coming back this time.

Showrunners have not been clear about Spencer's status after the actor exited the series' main cast in October 2021. Speaking to Xoop in January, executive producer Andrea Newman answered the question of whether or not Casey will return in "Chicago Fire" Season 12. "We love Matt Casey — we love Jesse [Spencer] — and we will definitely see him this season," she said. "We'll see those two together. But there are plans in place that go awry. Things don't go exactly how anyone thinks it's going to go."

Audiences can take comfort in how Casey's storyline concludes on a positive note, as he finally ties the knot with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and the two of them prepare to raise their blended family in Oregon. But regardless of whether or not his character returns, Spencer isn't the only One Chicago actor who put their property on sale after leaving their show.

Another One Chicago star also listed his digs after leaving the One Chicago universe

Much like Jesse Spencer, another former One Chicago mainstay changed their digs after departing the franchise. In January 2023, Jon Seda, who played Detective Antonio Dawson on "Chicago P.D." until his 2019 departure, put his home on the market, which only makes sense, as he's been a lead on NBC's "La Brea" since 2021. The latter show doesn't film in Illinois, so that's likely what forced him to sell. 

Although there hasn't been any talk of Seda coming back to "Chicago P.D.," even for a guest spot or two, he didn't rule out a potential return to the One Chicago universe when speaking to Us Weekly in January 2024. "Antonio didn't die," he said. "He's still alive."

Even real estate featured on "Chicago Fire" has turned into prime property for realtors in the area. In 2018, the loft that the show used as a stand-in for Severide's building during its first few seasons went on the market for $1.85 million. It just goes to show how popular the One Chicago world is — and how some fans would pay any price to get a little slice of it for their very own.