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The Psychological Thriller Absolutely Dominating The Kindle Charts Right Now

If you're looking for a wild, gripping, and just plain great psychological thriller to check out right now, this pick from author Freida McFadden is lighting up the Kindle charts.

"The Teacher" is one of McFadden's latest projects — released on February 6 of this year. Readers familiar with the prolific writer likely know she comes up with some seriously unhinged scenarios in her work. This book is no exception. The story focuses on a high school math teacher named Eve, who's happy with her career and marriage. Conflict arises when she has to deal with a difficult student hands-on. The school in question, Caseham High, watched a scandal unfold a year before the narrative begins concerning a young student named Addie and one of Eve's fellow teachers. In the aftermath, Addie emerges as the de facto villain. From there, Eve has to work with her and see if the rumors surrounding the angry young girl are true.

As of this writing, "The Teacher" is at the very top of the Amazon Kindle charts, atop buzzy new releases like Kristin Hannah's "The Women," books by perennial bestseller Colleen Hoover, and other McFadden favorites like "Never Lie" and "The Housemaid." So, are readers enjoying "The Teacher" once they pick it up for Kindle?

The Teacher has solid ratings across the board

Over on Goodreads, Freida McFadden's "The Teacher" is doing pretty well with a rating of 4 out of 5. Some readers, like user Nilufer Ozmekik, said they'll basically read whatever the author releases: "Oh my goodness! The moment I lay eyes on any Freida McFadden book, I find myself canceling everything in my life." Kail Lowry agreed, writing, "Freida does it again. Easy, quick read. Page turner for sure. I never get through any other thrillers as quickly as Freida's." Nina (ninjasbooks) had a slightly different take, though, saying in their two-star review, "Several times I wanted to quit reading and throw the book away, but I soldiered on, curious about what crazy twist McFadden would magically produce from her disintegrating hat."

Amazon reviewers have flocked to praise McFadden's effort, rewarding the novel with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 with over 30,000 reviews as of this writing. User EKR said in a review boasting the title "Unputdownable" that they were instantly on board: "I got hooked instantly from the prologue, and I couldn't put it down until the epilogue." Another fan agreed with one caveat, writing, "I was hooked by this book instantly. This is one of those books that reminds you of a bad car accident: you can't stand to watch but you can't look away. I was totally engrossed and held captive by this book." Ultimately, people seemed to agree that McFadden's "The Teacher" is a twisted and potentially even upsetting story, but it's not too disturbing to finish.