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Netflix Axed A New Series - Now Users Are Threatening To Cancel Their Subscriptions

Numerous Netflix show cancellations have infuriated fans, from "1899" to "Inside Job." Many series last only one season before getting the ax, ending prematurely before having a chance to get the story going. Now, it appears the streaming platform has canceled yet another solid show. This time, it's "The Brothers Sun," and for many, this cancellation is the final straw. 

"The Brothers Sun" debuted in January with eight episodes about a gangster who must protect his family, including his brother, who has no idea about his family's violent life. Starring Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh, the show earned great reviews from critics and audiences, but Netflix promptly canceled it just two months after it came out. For many, it's a sign of why streaming isn't good for TV shows, with @Fidget1995 writing on X (formerly known as Twitter), "I've been a Netflix subscriber since day one with DVD delivery but truth is, I'm tired. Can't even get into a show before they cancel it."

It's not just canceling shows after one or two seasons that subscribers are tired of, either. A big change coming to Netflix in 2024 is yet another price increase, and with good shows getting canceled, @HersheyWrites suggested, "We need to boycott Netflix. Canceling everything, taking prices up every 5-7 business days, can't log in from downstairs, trying out ads....like, we have to let Netflix go. This is their karma." If enough people cancel their subscriptions, Netflix may realize it can't keep treating art this way. 

Fans hope The Brothers Sun can live on after cancellation

Netflix normally doesn't provide a reason for why a show is canceled. One can typically surmise it largely comes down to ratings, but "The Brothers Sun" actually did pretty well. The show debuted on January 4, and in its first week, it broke into Netflix's Top 10 Shows with over 30 million hours viewed. It saw a major leap in its second week, jumping to the No. 2 position with over 50 million hours watched. Plus, it remained in the Top 10 for two additional weeks after that. It seems as though it had a sizable audience, but Netflix works in mysterious ways. 

X user @OrionAnakaris believes "The Brothers Sun" never really had a fair shot at success, writing, "The show was the first thing they dropped in Jan, with little to no marketing/p&a." Still, some remain hopeful the show can find new life elsewhere, with @BossLogic writing, "The show was fantastic and ended with high hopes and excitement for what can potentially come. I really hope another platform picks it up and not let it waste away!"

Unfortunately, "The Brothers Sun" isn't the first solid show to get canceled after less than two months, and it probably won't be the last. It's a shame because some people may be deterred from giving the series a chance now that they know it lasts only one season. User @Kazzatreend at least tried to put a positive spin on the situation: "We loved it and I hope all of the positive outpouring of appreciation for it makes them change their mind." If there's enough support, maybe "The Brothers Sun" can even come back from the grave like "Warrior Nun."