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The Wendy Williams Show's Turmoil Was Worse Than Fans Think, According To DJ Boof

The news surrounding the diagnosis of Wendy Williams, who has primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, a condition similar to what Bruce Willis was diagnosed with, has fans worried about the former talk show host's future and present. It's an emotional state shared by her former employees and friends, some of whom seem to have been kept as deeply in the dark as her audience.

DJ Boof, who spent many an episode of "The Wendy Williams Show" spinning music, appeared on TMZ Live on February 26 to express his sadness over Williams' diagnosis. He admitted that even people who worked closely with her had no idea that her situation was that severe. "I don't think no one knew exactly to the extent how bad it was," he explained. "I felt like people knew something was up with her, but they didn't really know." 

Boof added that he was aware of what was going on with Williams to a degree because he'd seen similar things happen to people he knows. This aligns with — and yet contradicts — an Instagram comment posted in 2020, where the DJ claimed members of Williams' staff were concerned about her behavior but remained too afraid to speak up about it. He also claimed this was why he left the series.

Ultimately, he expressed a sincere wish that the people around her are getting her the help she needs. Boof hopes that Williams' family will remain closely enmeshed with her care team — something he claims is not yet happening.

DJ Boof thinks Wendy Williams' future lies in her family's hands

During his appearance on TMZ Live, DJ Boof claimed that the team of conservators appointed by a New York state judge in 2022 to look out for Wendy Williams isn't communicating with her loved ones.  "They're not letting [her family] know exactly what's going on," he said. Under the guardianship, Williams is living in an undisclosed facility.

Boof thinks moving Williams closer to her family — son Kevin Hunter Jr. and sister Wanda — might be more beneficial to her health. "I think, if you were to ask me, I think that Florida would be a better place for her because that's where her family is and she needs that 24-hour care," he said. Conversely, Williams' brother, Tommy Williams Jr., has spoken to Us Weekly to praise the facility where she is currently residing and declare that his sister has become more coherent while living there. He added that the Lifetime Network documentary "Where is Wendy Williams?" helps underscore how good the place has been for his sister's health, as the difference between her behavior there and on the series is quite obvious to him.

Those concerned about Williams' well-being should know that per Boof, she's doing quite well as of January 2024, when the DJ last saw her. "She was recovering ... and she seemed to be doing great," he said. And that, ultimately, is what's most important.