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The Traitors Season 2 Reunion Seating Chart Might Spoil The Winner

"The Traitors" Season 2 is set to conclude this Thursday, March 7 — and based on a video eliminated player Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio posted to his Instagram story (which then spread via Reddit), the reunion's seating chart might give us a clue as to the winner.

Anyone familiar with a typical Bravo reunion knows that one's proximity to the network's patriarch, Andy Cohen, is directly related to that person's importance. (For example, in the first "Vanderpump Rules" reunion after the scandal known as "Scandoval," wronged woman Ariana Madix sat directly by Cohen's side.) Thanks to Devenanzio's video — where he poses with "RuPaul's Drag Race" alumn Peppermint — it's clear that Kate Chastain (of "Below Deck" fame), currently the only active "traitor" remaining in a game full of "faithfuls," is not next to Cohen. Enterprising social media users like @thebravobabe_ took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to create a mockup of the chart.

During the Season 1 reunion, winner and "Survivor" legend Cirie Fields was seated next to Cohen (who hosted that reunion) ... and Fields was also the sole traitor left at the end and stole the entire prize pot from two easily swayed faithfuls. So why is Chastain so far away from Cohen? Does this mean that the faithfuls figure out her game and banish her from Alan Cumming's Scottish castle? Other traitors — including Parvati Shallow, Phaedra Parks, and Dan Gheesling, the show's original set of wrongdoers — are much closer to Cohen than Chastain, raising some questions. 

Kate Chastain is the only traitor left on the series — will she survive?

Things are tricky for Kate Chastain on "The Traitors" right now — aligning with the Bravo star's wild history with the series. When she competed in the show's 1st season, her disdain for the game was outright legendary (she went so far as to brazenly toss stacks of cash onto the ground during a challenge, losing money for the pot and infuriating her teammates). Chastain told Vulture that she really didn't enjoy the experience, saying in 2023, "I think the challenges broke me. The accusations broke me. The lack of access to my phone and the lack of access to a nice cold martini." Still, the "Below Deck" stalwart returned for Season 2; after Phaedra Parks outlasted her former original traitors, she recruited Chastain to join her.

Parks was banished from the castle for the crime of being a traitor during the February 29 episode, and even Chastain voted for her (which was likely a strategic move to keep suspicion elsewhere, although Chastain also seemed irritated that her fellow traitor folded so easily at the end and left her alone). At this point, Chastain could fall if the faithfuls start sniffing around and figure out that she's the only remaining traitor — which would mean the faithfuls will win the game outright if another traitor isn't chosen to aid Chastain.

Based on the reunion's seating chart, the faithfuls could be victorious

The other interesting thing about the seating chart mockup circulating Twitter is the prominent placement of Chris "CT" Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatella, who participated in the Real World franchise and "The Challenge." It appears that Tamburello and Cannatella are seated next to former traitor Phaedra Parks in the front row, which could mean that these two end up winning the game outright. (They're also joined by two-time "Survivor" winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, who is still in the game as a faithful.) On the other side of the front row, Parvati Shallow and Dan Gheesling — two traitors banished from the game early on — are flanked by Kate Chastain, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, and Sherée Whitfield.

The fact that Chastain isn't front and center — and next to Andy Cohen — could spoil the result, which is that Chastain doesn't make it to the end and is perhaps ousted by Tamburello and Cannatella. The "Challenge" veterans have proven themselves as a formidable team, and it certainly feels like Season 2 could see the first faithful victory in the American version of "The Traitors." 

In any case, fans can see the outcome during the season finale of "The Traitors" on March 7 at 9 p.m. on Peacock; there's no air date for the reunion as of this writing.

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