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Planet Of The Apes Clashes With Marvel & DC In AI Artwork - The Results Are Unreal

Apes together superstrong. That's pretty much the pitch from the supersmart simians from the "Planet of the Apes" prequels swinging into the worlds of DC and Marvel in Instagram user @esheffects' artificial intelligence-assisted art. From Captain Ape-merica and Supersimian to Gorill-Thor and Iron Ape, all the examples look awesome and make you wonder what the "Planet of the Apes" franchise would look like if Caesar (Andy Serkis) and pals had superpowers.

The majority of the images look as if the iconic superheroes of the silver screen simply handed over their outfits, but unique among the group is Batchimp, whose cowl looks less costume and more cranium, with bat ears that are actually bumps growing out of the C-ape-d Crusader's head. But while the idea of heroic apes may be new to the DC Extended and Marvel Cinematic Universes, both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have monkeyed around with it before.

DC has ape Green Lanterns while Marvel has the Ape-vengers

While these AI bits of artwork might show what Caesar and company could look like if they felt like taking on supervillains, both DC and Marvel have already introduced the idea of superpowered primates. In 2017, Boom! Studios and DC Comics collaborated on a limited series titled "Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern." The six-issue run sees Hal Jordan and Sinestro thrown into the "Planet of the Apes" universe, in which Earth has been destroyed by humanity and reclaimed by advanced apes, some of whom get rings of their own. Those maniacs! Damn them! Damn them all to hell!

Meanwhile, over in the Marvel Universe, 2008's "Marvel Apes" sees Martin Blank, aka Gibbon, thrown into an alternate universe that's similar to his own, only this time, monkeys are the dominant primates. There are also superhero teams such as the Ape-vengers, the members of which include Spider-Monkey, aka one of the best alternate universe Spider-Men you've never heard of, and Ms. Marvape, along with villains like Doctor Ooktopus and Kong the Conqueror. Should either movie universe run out of ideas, perhaps venturing into the barrel of monkeys — or apes — could be the way to go.

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