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Chicago Fire Showrunner Confirms Whether Taylor Kinney's Kelly Severide Will Leave Again

Taylor Kinney has returned to the One Chicago franchise, but how long will he stick around? The actor took a break from "Chicago Fire" in 2023 due to a reported personal matter, but fans can rest assured knowing that Kelly Severide's Season 12 comeback isn't a short-term deal. The creators have big plans for the character, so don't expect Kinney to go on another hiatus in the foreseeable future.

"Severide is here to stay this season, and he and [Stella] Kidd will have all new dynamics to explore as they end up joining forces on an arson case and find themselves at odds over a mysterious new floater on Truck 81," showrunner Andrea Newman told Parade. "But the real shock comes when Severide suddenly goes missing in 1211, along with one of the rigs, both disappearing while on shift in the dead of night."

Newton's words suggest that the "Stellaride" relationship will explore new ground as Severide and his significant other continue to rekindle their romance following his time away. While viewers will undoubtedly be happy to see some familiarity again, they can also look forward to some newcomers joining "Chicago Fire."

Some new faces will join Taylor Kinney on Chicago Fire

Fans already know they can rely on Kelly Severide to do some good and support his colleagues in Firehouse 51. However, he and his peers must also deal with some antagonistic newcomers moving forward. "Chicago Fire" Season 12, Episode 6, sees Violet (Hanako Greensmith) get promoted to lead paramedic in the station, which should be a cause for celebration. However, Violet's new superior clarifies that she isn't the paramedic's biggest fan, revealing she will appoint someone to monitor her every move.

"Violet will also contend with a medic suddenly placed at the firehouse by new Paramedic Chief Robinson [Laura Allen], which will end up threatening not just Violet's career but also 51 and all of the CFD as we know it," Andrea Newman told Parade, teasing conflict in Season 12.

It isn't all bad news, though, as viewers can also look forward to seeing a complex and potentially heartwarming story. In the same interview, Newman teased the arrival of an unlikely candidate to replace Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer, who is leaving "Chicago Fire"), with the showrunner describing the character as the hard-partying type, albeit one who proves she deserves a chance. It remains to be seen how the new faces will assimilate into the team, but Season 12 is shaping up to be an ideal mix of exploring familiar territory and entering the unknown.

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