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Who Plays The Young Thief Brendan Todd On Blue Bloods?

Crime doesn't pay in the world of "Blue Bloods," not even when you're a young wisenheimer trying to boost some expensive headphones. Young Brendan Todd (Max Malas) makes the mistake of stealing in front of Eddie Janko Reagan (Vanessa Ray), but the detective is utterly flummoxed about how she can adequately get through to the kid. He's not receptive to her threats or blandishments about good and evil and doesn't seem to care that he's committing acts of petty crime.

Ultimately, she pulls in outside help to get the job done — her colleague Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa), who gives the Season 14 premiere its best moment when he pretends to be a tough criminal to scare Brendan straight. It seems to do the trick — especially when they're locked in a cell together and Anthony growls at Max that he "killed a guy on the bus for sitting too close to me. Guy kinda looked like you."

In contrast to Brendan's encounter with Anthony, young Malas' career has been anything but scary. He's probably best known to movie fans as Jeff Farmer from Max's "8-Bit Christmas," a Christmas movie based on a true story. But he's already amassed an impressive number of credits only four years into his career.

Max Malas is already making a name for himself in the acting world

Max Malas' Hollywood career has gained traction since he started acting in 2020. Aside from "8-Bit Christmas," he's appeared on "New Amsterdam" and in the TV movies "World's Best" on Disney+ and "The Binge 2: It's a Wonderful Binge" on Hulu. He has also popped up on single episodes of "The Really Loud House" on Nickelodeon, "Little Voice" on Apple TV+, and "Teenage Euthanasia" on Adult Swim, the latter in his first voice-acting role.

The actor continues to keep a rising profile. In 2023, Malas landed a role in "Marshmallow," a horror comedy that will co-star Corbin Bernsen and fellow child actors Kai Cech and Kue Lawrence. He also has a presence on social media via an Instagram account managed by his mother. At a very young age, Malas is already on the road to success and seems like an emerging actor worth watching.

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