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This Star Wars Return Photo Teases A Dark Jar Jar Binks Theory May Be True

Is Jar Jar Binks about to be unveiled as a member of the dark side? Ahmed Best hinted at the possibility in an Instagram post that shows him wearing a mo-cap suit and teasing that he'll reprise the Gungan in an upcoming video game. However, the "#jarjarbinks" and "#sithlord" hashtags in the accompanying caption tease the likelihood of one viral Star Wars fan theory being true.

The Jar Jar Binks Sith Lord theory argues that the maligned character is a powerful villain who pretends to be a goofball to hide the fact he's in cahoots with Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid). He can perform impressive athletic feats that are typically common in Force users, making him very skilled in battle. Furthermore, he might be a master of mind control. Think about it; why else would smart Jedi put logic aside and let a bumbling liability accompany them on missions? Or how about when he gets appointed to Bombad General after waving his hand? It's worth considering.

With this being the Star Wars franchise, Best's hashtag hasn't escaped eagle-eyed fans familiar with the theory. With that in mind, let's look at some of the responses to the actor's post.

The Sith Lord reference has Star Wars fans speculating

Due to the secretive nature of the mystery project, several comments speculated what Ahmed Best is teasing. Many fans believe it's a rumored crossover with the Call of Duty franchise (Best also included #activision in his post, referring to Call of Duty publisher Activision). The nod to the dark side didn't go unnoticed, with Instagram user @woolenmother writing, "So is no one going to acknowledge the Sith Lord hashtag or just me?... Darth Jar Jar confirmed?"

This view was echoed by @venture_pictures, who argued that Darth Jar Jar is about to become canon in the Star Wars franchise. "Darth Binks had a nice ring to it," @hugosousa added in a reply to the comment.

Elsewhere, @thedadvader believes it was only a matter of time until the goofy Gungan's real identity came to light, and this project could be the one that spills the beans. "Sith Lord and Jar Jar in the same hashtag line. I think the truth is finally free!!!"