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The Action Thriller Series Blowing Up Netflix Is Perfect For Memento Fans

Memory loss can be an effective dramatic tool. "Memento" utilizes it effectively in telling its story in reverse sequential order due to the protagonist being someone suffering from anterograde amnesia. "Mulholland Drive" and "The Bourne Identity" also build dramatic tension by keeping the audience and the characters in the dark, so anyone who's a fan of those types of stories should definitely check out "The Tourist," which is now lighting up the charts on Netflix. 

The BBC One series initially made Max its home for Season 1. However, those episodes then made their way to Netflix early in February. That move is right before Season 2 drops on the same platform February 29. For the past four weeks, the season has remained in Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows. In its fourth week on the chart, between February 19 and 25, the show amassed 11.7 million hours watched. That means a lot of people have caught up on the show in anticipation of the Season 2 debut.

The show follows an Irish man, played by Jamie Dornan, who finds himself in Australia with no recollection of what he's doing there. Dark secrets rise to the surface as this man attempts to figure out who he is, and Season 2 promises to be even more of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Jamie Dornan is glad The Tourist Season 2 brings him back to Ireland

While the Australian outback gives Season 1 of "The Tourist" a unique setting, it was a bit difficult for real-life Irishman Jamie Dornan to be away from his homeland for so long. The actor spoke with RadioTimes about needing to bring his children away from Ireland so that he could film on a different continent. The prospect made him wary of doing another season, but when it came about that "The Tourist" Season 2 would film in his homeland of Ireland, he came aboard: "Luckily, Jack and Harry [Williams, creators] had plans to make it something closer to home, and I probably approved those plans pretty quickly."

It's a good thing the team was able to work out a solution, as Season 2 of "The Tourist" has already been earning rave reviews from critics. It follows the footsteps of the well-received Season 1, with John Powers of NPR exclaiming, "While The Man's search for his identity is grippingly plotted, the show lets the action breathe. It takes time to enjoy his encounters with a wide range of oddball types." The review even compares aspects of the show to "Fargo," and Steven Spielberg's "Duel," in addition to the aforementioned "Memento." "The Tourist" is a clear blend of genres, dipping into comedic as well as thriller-like elements. 

"The Tourist" Season 1 has six episodes, with each one being just under an hour in length. Jamie Dornan's character may not remember anything, but this is one show that will burrow into your memory for quite some time.