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Dune 2 Barely Features Anya Taylor-Joy - But Dune 3 Would Be A Different Story

Contains spoilers for "Dune: Part Two"

Denis Villeneuve's sweeping, sandy epic, "Dune: Part Two," is already crammed with a star-studded cast of familiar and fresh new faces to Frank Herbert's universe. However, one surprise addition revealed during the London premiere was "Furiosa" star Anya Taylor-Joy, who was confirmed to appear in the new film. Now we know that she takes on the role of Alia Atreides, the younger (and at the time unborn) sister of Paul (Timothée Chalamet), who appears to him in a vision and tells him about the future of the universe and the Atreides bloodline. 

Her brief appearance is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes involving the Atreides family tree in "Dune: Part Two" compared to Herbert's original story. In the book, Alia is born during Paul and Lady Jessica's time with the Fremen and becomes a revered figure herself. But while her part in the film might not be as big as it could've been, her presence in "Dune: Messiah" is much more important and would undoubtedly play a big part in Villeneuve's yet-to-be greenlit third film. At that time, while Paul embraces his duties of running the joint that is the entire universe, his sister will have a story of her own that's just as dramatic. Should Villeneuve follow through with it, it will see Taylor-Joy's character eventually taking over from her brother and ending up in a relationship with Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa) — yes, you read that right.

Alia ends up with a clone of Duncan Idaho in Dune: Messiah

By the time "Dune: Messiah" swings around, it's as much Alia's story as it is her brother Paul's, as he's still battling with the decisions that have sent the universe into disarray and sparked various plots and conspiracies against his family. It's this that sends Alia on a journey of her own along with a familiar friend to Paul, who was thought to be lost only to return from the dead to chip knives and mess up a variety of enemies.

Yes, in what would no doubt have audiences on their feet if and whenever the third film arrives, "Dune: Messiah" also sees the return of Jason Momoa's Duncan Idaho, who was last seen sacrificing himself to protect Paul in "Dune: Part One." In "Messiah," Idaho returns as a ghola, a clone given as a gift to Paul, and he eventually falls in love with and marries Alia. It's a vital part of her story — along with taking over from Paul as Regent — that would lead her to become a central presence in the third and final chapter of Villeneuve's planned trilogy. If it does, it's certainly something to look forward to, given that even in "Dune: Part Two," Taylor-Joy does an excellent job of bringing Alia to life and could no doubt continue to do so when the sands shift and the anticipated threequel closes off Villeneuve's epic endeavor.