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Blue Bloods Teases New Treat Williams Tribute Episode Details

Treat Williams passed away at 71 on June 2023, and his death warrants a tribute on "Blue Bloods" since the veteran actor played a rarely seen but notable figure on the show. His character, Lenny Ross, was Frank Reagan's (Tom Selleck) friend and former partner. While he only appeared in six episodes, he tended to make an impact whenever he turned up, and it was clear how much Frank cared about Ross.

"Blue Bloods" fully intends to pay homage to Williams, too. This is set to happen in the CBS show's Season 14, Episode 3. The episode will feature a storyline about Lenny's death and how it will influence Frank. Additionally, the episode will mark the return of Lenny's daughter, Tess (Simone Policano). Much like her father, she has a penchant for getting in trouble, and Frank will once again have to figure out how to deal with a Ross who's in over their head after he finds out that Tess is in jail. The tribute episode is called "Fear No Evil," and it airs on March 1. 

Treat Williams and Tom Selleck were friends behind the scenes, as well

There's a reason for the easy rapport between Lenny Ross and Frank Reagan on the show. As it turns out, Treat Williams was a pretty good choice to play a character who's a good friend of Frank, seeing as he was actually friends with Tom Selleck in real life.

As one might assume, Williams' death hit Selleck hard. "It has been said that we are all just passing time and occupy our chair very briefly," the "Blue Bloods" star told PEOPLE in the wake of Williams' death. "My friend Treat was aptly named and occupied his chair so well. I will miss him but I will not forget him. Well done, my friend."

Knowing the two actors' warm relationship behind the scenes, the tribute episode is undoubtedly a powerful experience for both Frank Reagan and Selleck, the actor, and hopefully one that brings joy to longtime fans of "Blue Bloods."