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Who Plays Ned In The Otezla Plaque Psoriasis Commercials?

If you've been watching television these past few months, you are probably familiar with Otezla's commercial for plaque psoriasis remedies. The advertisement centers around someone called Ned, who shows up for a movie date, fearing people will notice the red patches on his skin. However, he has no reason to be worried as his date seems pleased to see him, and they enter the theater smiling. Despite being the face of a known brand, the actor who plays Ned might be unknown to some viewers — especially compared to other actors in popular 2023 commercials.

The Ned actor is Jono Selvadurai, a multi-faceted New Zealand-born, London-based performer with a background in dancing, choreography, comedy, fitness, coaching, and more. His LinkedIn profile notes that he graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2011. He then worked for the New Zealand Dance Company and World of Wearable Arts experience before moving to New York for a while.

Of course, these aren't Selvadural's only impressive accomplishments. He has also appeared in other types of visual media beyond commercials, and one of his vocations even saw him win an award.

Jono Selvadurai is an award-winning fitness instructor

Jono Selvadurai's LinkedIn highlights some notable accolades he's gained from his fitness career. In 2018, his work with a company called 1Rebel saw him get voted as London's Trainer of the Year through a public vote that ClassPass carried out. Elsewhere, he combined his passion for dancing, acting, and working out when he starred in the '80s-inspired music video for French Horn Rebellion's "Dancing Out" song, which sees him perform skipping and sit-ups before busting some moves.

The multi-laced performer also has a passion for comedy, with his LinkedIn revealing that he's performed some improv gigs with The Free Association, a London-based theater and school. He is mainly known for a show called "Episodes," which is described as being about everyone's favorite live-action TV shows and why some never aired. It remains to be seen if he will appear in more commercials or on-screen projects, but it seems Selvadurai has enough projects to keep him busy.