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The Cute Gummy Bear Commercial Donald Driver Mentions On Instagram, Explained

A Haribo gummy bear commercial mentioned by Donald Driver is taking the internet by storm. When consumers want gummy bears, they'll likely spring for a bag of Haribos, which has dominated the market since the 1920s. Founded in Germany, Haribo is now an international candy juggernaut, advertising in several markets, including the United States. The company's latest American campaign leverages the nation's love for football, releasing a spot featuring former Green Bay Packers wide receivers Donald Driver (who is now retired) and Marquez Valdes-Scantling (who has been with the Kansas City Chiefs since 2022). 

The video, debuting on Instagram, shows the two athletes discussing their love for Haribo gummy bears. Later, they mention a commercial featuring two football players who speak in child-like voices while eating the snack. Driver and Valdes-Scantling reenact the promo. Some might be surprised to learn the two are reenacting an existing commercial. Commercialception?

Earlier this year, just in time for the Super Bowl, Haribo debuted a commercial featuring two football players on a fictional team speaking in child-like voices as they talk about the joy Haribo gives them. This is the commercial that Driver and Valdes-Scantling are referencing; it features the same dialogue the ex-Packers use in their social media post. For Haribo, using two NFL stars to parody their original commercial is a sound way to boost clicks and increase their prominence stateside. 

Fans love Donald Driver's Haribo commercial

These two commercials are part of Haribo's strategy to become even more pronounced leaders in the American candy market. It's no secret that companies leverage the clout of athletes and other famous faces to boost their products. Some of 2024's most popular Super Bowl commercials feature celebrities, often playing fictional versions of themselves. The Donald Driver and Marquez Valdes-Scantling Haribo ad is no different, featuring the two receivers in generic football jerseys unaffiliated with any NFL team.

In a press release promoting the collaboration, Driver gushed about working with Haribo to create a new spin on celebrity-themed advertisements. "It was so much fun to riff on this new commercial with my friend, MVS. Both of us are huge fans of Haribo gummies, so getting to create this content with the brand was a pretty sweet catch for both of us."

Unsurprisingly, fans are loving Driver and Valdes-Scantling's quirky Instagram commercial. "They need to air this on TV! [Best] one hands [down]!!!" wrote Instagram user @coachsapp99 on one of Driver's posts promoting the product. The same sentiment extended on X (formerly, known as Twitter), with user @swieter writing, "Omg that Haribo gummy bear commercial on Instagram with @Donald_Driver80 and @MVS__11 is so [funny]." There's also much to love about the original Haribo commercial, as YouTube user @showard7153 said, "This commercial puts the biggest grin on my face and a few chuckles. So cute and funny."