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AI Reimagines Venom Based On Different Countries - The Results Are Intoxicating

Venom is occasionally a villain and sometimes an antihero, but he always looks awesome. That's been the case since the character was introduced back in the 1980s by creators Randy Schueller, Jim Shooter, and Mike Zeck, with his black body and large white marking on his chest making him instantly stand out from other villains in Spider-Man's rogues' gallery. While the symbiote is of alien origin, TikToker @planet.ai has imagined, through the use of AI, what it would be like if Venom's aesthetic were influenced by different countries around the world.


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Many of these alternate Venoms come down to different color schemes primarily based on the country's flag from which he's supposed to come. For example, the Croatian Venom is simple yet effective, with a body of blue and red right down to some vicious-looking claws. The Pakistani Venom gets some extra flair points for having a green cape wrap around his body and then ultimately meld with his head, but all of these Venom variants have something cool about them, and if the comments are any indication, fans are really digging them too.

AI made Venoms who look more like Anti-Venom and Phage

As fans of Marvel Comics know all too well, Venom is far from the only symbiote. And while it's cool searching through the AI-generated Venoms based on various countries, like the green-tinged Italian Venom or the gold-laced Egyptian Venom, some of these creations look like other major symbiotes from Marvel Comics entirely.

For starters, the Colombian Venom prominently features not only yellow on his head and body but also several spikes on his back. He's honestly reminiscent of the symbiote Phage, which develops several blades around its body when attached to a host.

Then there's the Greek Venom, who looks fairly similar to how the character normally appears. The main exception is the presence of white on his head, almost making it seem like a mask. This inversion makes him look more akin to Anti-Venom, a symbiote with the ability to cure people of various ailments that attaches to Eddie Brock.