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What Is Bean Dip From Love Is Blind? & Every Other Slang Term Explained From The Show

Every time Netflix drops a new season of "Love is Blind" — a show where contestants meet in closed-off "pods" and fall in love sight unseen — the show makes headlines, and Season 6 is no exception. Centered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Season 6 follows five engaged couples leaving their pods to start a new life together. But that's when they have to face the challenges of everyday life and make sure they're compatible. (Sometimes, they're just not.)

After the five couples — Laura and Jeramey, Johnny and Amy, Clad and AD, Jimmy and Chelsea, and Kenneth and Brittney — meet and leave the pods, unexpected issues brew between the couples. (Kenneth and Brittney don't make it past their particular issue, which is a lack of meaningful physical connection.) From the cast trip to the group's return to Charlotte, those complications came with unique terms to describe their predicaments like "stacked," "bean dip," "CPAP," and "EpiPen." So what do those terms mean in the context of "Love is Blind?"

Why does Jimmy think Chelsea is clingy?

Everything seems so romantic while couples are still in the pods, but real life presents some wild issues — and for Jimmy and Chelsea, the main crux of their problem seems to be that Chelsea doesn't feel sufficiently loved by her intended husband. While Jimmy meets Chelsea's friends, he's not physically affectionate with her — Chelsea says he didn't kiss her once — and isn't being emotionally open with her either. What's Jimmy's response to this? "Truthfully, you've been a little clingy." (Rude.)

What does Jimmy mean by this? "Clingy" is a derogatory term one partner can call another when they're saying that person's needs are overwhelming them and they're not giving them sufficient space. At this point, Chelsea's "clingy" crimes include watching TV with Jimmy, cooking dinner with him, and having sex with him ... so it's understandable why she's insulted here.

What did Jimmy mean when he said AD was stacked?

After leaving their pods on the show, the couples all meet up on a trip — allowing them to see the other contestants they may have "dated." Jimmy and AD never had any meaningful connection within the pods — or at least, not one that the audience sees — but he quickly made up for lost time by making a gross comment about her body during the Dominican Republic vacation. 

Jimmy says to his fiancée, Chelsea, that AD — whom he calls "that woman" — is "stacked," meaning that AD has a curvy figure. Chelsea might not love this comment from the man she's supposed to marry, but she follows along with the whole thing and says AD is so stacked she's like a bookshelf. AD, who says she's used to this kind of thing (a depressing revelation!), takes it in stride. Still, it's a bad move from Jimmy (and despite Chelsea's "cool girl" vibes initially, she and Jimmy fight about it later).

There was a lot of fuss about bean dip in Love is Blind S6

If you thought "stacked" was creepy, buckle up for the definition of "bean dip." During the beachside trip, Laura makes a joke to her fiancé Jeramey that he should "bean dip" AD, meaning ... well, AD explained it to Jeramey and her fiancé Clay. "A bean dip is like this t**ty smack," she clarified. "[Laura] smacked the s*** out of my t**ties." 

Nobody actually did this to AD — thankfully — but the comment clearly made Clay and AD uncomfortable, and it also caused an issue between Jeramey and Laura when the latter got mad that he brought it up in front of the other couple. What's the lesson to be learned here? Don't talk about doing that to anyone on camera (or off, for that matter) but especially not near your partner.

Jeramey uses a CPAP machine — so what is that?

If someone suffers from sleep apnea, a doctor may ask them to use a CPAP machine. That acronym stands for "continuous positive airway pressure," and what that essentially means is that a CPAP machine should be worn while the affected person is sleeping so their airways remain open. (People with apnea can stop breathing while they're asleep, which can be incredibly dangerous and, over time, lead to decreased brain function.) What the heck does this have to do with "Love is Blind?" Jeramey uses a CPAP machine, which Laura finds strangely fascinating.

That said, Jeramey said he doesn't use his CPAP super consistently, which is an issue; sleep apnea is a medical condition. Plus, it means he'll snore. Laura and Jeramey's relationship goes on to hit some serious snags — largely because he's still in contact with his other flame from the pods, Sarah Ann — but this situation feels like a roadblock too.

What's an EpiPen — and will Jimmy need one?

Before he chooses Chelsea and leaves the pods, Jimmy is also "dating" another contestant, Jessica — an extremely beautiful woman whose big flaw (to Jimmy, at least) is that she has a ten-year-old child. This definitely seems to scare Jimmy — despite him saying he's fine with it. In her parting words to Jimmy, Jessica goes hard: "When you see and realize what you missed out on, you're going to choke. You're going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways."

Anyone with allergies knows that an EpiPen is a medical device used to stop anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction that can constrict someone's throat and breathing). Even after leaving the pods, Jimmy gets caught checking out Jessica's Instagram ... but whether or not he fully regrets his decision remains to be seen.