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Why Ewan McGregor's Daughter Saw One Of His Full-Frontal Nude Scenes At School

Choosing to bare it all on screen is always a bit of a risk for actors, particularly in a culture that constantly emphasizes unrealistic beauty standards. However, there is another challenge to shooting these kinds of scenes in that it means your friends and family may inevitably see the project.

Ewan McGregor took the full brunt of that eventuality when his daughter, Clara, watched one of his movies in her gender studies class during high school. The film in question is Peter Greenaway's "The Pillow Book," an erotic thriller from the mid-90s in which McGregor has a full frontal nude scene. The two opened up about this slightly awkward family moment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" while promoting their film "Bleeding Love," a father-daughter road trip drama.

"My teacher came up to me near the end of the semester and said, 'Listen, there's a movie I usually teach as part of the curriculum," Clara recalled. "Your dad is in it, and there is some nudity, so I wanted to run it by you before we watched it in class.'" She explained that she honestly didn't think much about it before okaying the showing of "The Pillow Book" for her and her classmates to watch.

Ewan and Clara both approved the showing despite some awkwardness

For his part, Ewan McGregor vividly remembered the incident, recalling how Clara's teacher emailed him asking for his permission to show the film in class. The "Star Wars" actor quickly noted how he approved because he didn't want to be the sole reason students couldn't watch a movie he greatly respected. "I went, 'Look, I wouldn't want to be the reason you don't show that to your kids because it's a beautiful movie," he explained. "But I said, 'You have to guarantee that the kids are mature enough not to make fun of Clara or make her feel bad about it,' and they didn't."

While both McGregors had greenlit the movie's showing, Clara revealed that it wasn't the easiest thing for her to watch. And when it came to her classmates, she said, "I think they also probably felt a little uncomfortable." Still, to see the duo joking around about these memories on live television with Jimmy Kimmel suggests the moment has become nothing more than a piece of funny family banter.