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The Good Doctor: Why Hill Harper's Dr. Marcus Andrews Season 7 Exit Was Needed

"The Good Doctor" has entered its seventh and final season without one of its central cast members. Hill Harper, who plays expert surgeon Dr. Marcus Andrews on the ABC series, is nowhere to be found when Season 7 starts rolling. This absence is due to Harper himself choosing to exit the show early, but it's not too surprising of an in-universe development for Andrews either. Season 6 is an especially rough outing for the character, as the finale sees him resign as the president of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital as part of the messy fallout of his relationship with nurse Dalisay Villanueva (Elfina Luk).

Season 7 of "The Good Doctor" explains Andrews' absence by revealing that he is now traveling the world on an ostensible journey of self-discovery. Truth be told, however, this convenient excuse is actually a pretty compelling and necessary progression for the character, and the show's creative team has leaned into this line of thought.

"Since he got divorced, Andrews has been juggling a lot [at the hospital] and trying to find a fit for himself," executive producer Liz Friedman told TVLine. "I think the job has been very subsuming for him. To have him take a moment, having stepped down, to go and find himself, seemed like the right thing for the character."

Why did Hill Harper leave The Good Doctor?

While Dr. Marcus Andrews taking a leave of absence for the sake of some personal reflection is a positive development for the character, fans may nonetheless wonder why Hill Harper elected to leave the series when he did. Many will find the real reason to be quite unexpected, as "The Good Doctor" Season 7 lost this major cast member to the U.S. Senate, of all things.

In 2024, Harper initiated his very own political campaign as he runs for one of Michigan's seats on the U.S. Senate. It's not the actor's first involvement in the world of politics, as he previously worked on an advisory panel for national cancer-related policy under President Barack Obama's administration. Nonetheless, an undertaking on the scale of his Senate campaign ended up preventing him from having the time to star in the final chapter of "The Good Doctor."

Not having Andrews around for Season 7 of "The Good Doctor" may not have been the original plan, but it seems that the show's team is supportive of Harper's decision and fresh path. "I think it's phenomenal that he is willing to get himself involved and be of service," Liz Friedman said, praising the show's former star.