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Who Does Stepfanie Kramer Play On NCIS?

When a show has been around as long as "NCIS," it needs to mix up the formula every now and then. Most episodes see the NCIS team investigate a murder, ultimately finding the perpetrator after compiling evidence and interviewing people who might know more information. "NCIS" Season 19, Episode 9 — "Collective Memory" — adds a new twist to this setup by having one of the interviewees be the murder victim. Namely, Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) and Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) speak with an interactive hologram of financial advisor Sandra Holdren, who's played by Stepfanie Kramer. 

Obviously, the hologram doesn't know precisely who the murderer is, but she is able to provide valuable information to Knight and Torres to lead them in the right direction. It's an intriguing development, as it puts the NCIS team into new territory. In fact, Torres initially wants nothing to do with the hologram because it's just too weird for him. Ultimately, it makes sense for a show that's been on for decades to keep up with the times and incorporate new technology into the proceedings. 

Stepfanie Kramer is no stranger to crime dramas

Stepfanie Kramer's "NCIS" role is certainly unique, as viewers are first introduced to her character as a corpse and then get to see a simulacrum of her sitting in a chair later. It's a role worthy of Kramer's talents, as she's been acting since the 1970s, first appearing on an episode of "Starsky & Hutch." However, most people would likely come to know her through her role as Sgt. Dee Dee McCall on one of the best crime shows of all time — "Hunter."

The show was a massive hit, and her inclusion on "NCIS" feels like a nod to her crime drama roots. Kramer would leave the show after Season 6 (despite it lasting another season) to pursue other career opportunities. Fortunately for fans, she would come back for a couple of "Hunter" TV movies as well as the show's brief revival in 2003. The actor has continued to appear in various projects in recent years. In addition to her "NCIS" role, she's also shown up on "9-1-1" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

If her Instagram is anything to go off of, when Kramer isn't performing, she's spending time with friends or posting funny memes. After starring in such serious television shows, it's nice she can unwind a bit.