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Blue Bloods: Season 14's First Family Dinner Ends With A Heartwarming Reunion

It wouldn't be a Friday night with the Reagan family without a Sunday night family dinner. Over the years and 14 Seasons of "Blue Bloods," the Reagans have had conflicted, difficult dinners — sometimes missing members of their sprawling familial units. Season 14 opens with yet another example of wrongness filling the family's home — Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) is involved in a dangerous deep-cover mission with a human trafficking organization. The mood at the table is understandably somber, with everyone concerned that Jamie might not make it out alive. 

But a true miracle occurs this time — Jamie manages to sneak away from the trafficking group for long enough for a family dinner. The circle is once again unbroken, and the Reagans are united in their happy family home once more. Though Jamie has to go back undercover to protect the girls caught up in the ugliness of the trafficking ring — and the spectre of death continues to loom over him — there's promise in the air that someday they will all be together again. 

Naturally, this isn't the only time things have gotten a little wild during the family's weekly repast. 

Reagan family dinners always tend to be dramatic

There have been dozens of memorable Sunday night dinner scenes on "Blue Bloods" over the years. Whether it's Jamie and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) announcing their engagement, or Nicky (Sami Gayle) distracting the family from an argument by revealing she has a tattoo, the dinners are unpredictable launching pads for new plot twists, resolutions, and wild family discussions.

When Xoop surveyed fans of the drama to find out which Sunday family dinner moments were their favorite, most of them picked out the sweet, but happily uneventful one from Season 1's "To Tell The Truth." The scene sees Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) finally return home after being held hostage in a kidnapping situation. 

Both Donnie Walhberg and Tom Selleck have also named the most memorable Reagan family meals for them, with Wahlberg telling CinemaBlend that the very first meal remains his favorite. Meanwhile, Selleck told TV Insider that his favorite is Season 2's "The Job," where Frank reveals he survived the 9/11 attacks. 

Whether you like it when the Reagans fight or whether you like them working, whenever they meet to eat, there's always something for them to chew over.