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Exclusive Avengers: Twilight Preview - Captain America Races To Save... Iron Man's Brain?

Contains spoilers for Avengers Twilight #3 (by Chip Zdarsky, Daniel Acuna, and Clayton Cowles)

In Xoop's exclusive preview of "Avengers Twilight" #3, Captain America is heading to his old friend Iron Man to get his help in saving the world from a totalitarian regime. However, recruiting Tony Stark to the resistance isn't as simple as one hero asking for help. All that's left of the armor-wearing founding Avenger is his head and brain, kept alive for the villains to exploit. Making matters more complicated, Cap will have to break into one of the most well-guarded prisons in the Marvel Universe, the Raft, to get to his former teammate.

In "Avengers Twilight," readers have been taken to an alternate Marvel Universe, where some of Earth's greatest heroes died fighting Ultron. In the years since that battle, the U. S. government has replaced the Avengers and used the new "heroes" as its own forces to combat state opposition. Iron Man and the Wasp's son, James Stark, is responsible for outfitting the government with the advanced technology needed to maintain control. But unbeknownst to him, he's secretly working for a disguised Red Skull.

Rising up in this age of heroes gone by, Steve Rogers has returned to action and received a new dose of the super-soldier serum despite his advanced age, teaming up with Luke Cage to form a different version of the Defenders. Needing all the help they can get, Captain America is about to go on a high-stakes mission, putting him in direct conflict with the nefarious forces at play. But if he's successful, freeing Tony Stark will be a significant coup and addition to the weary group of freedom fighters.

Captain America's dangerous mission begins

In Xoop's first look at "Avengers Twilight" #3, Captain America ponders the past while fighting for the future. Despite the hero planning on running a solo mission to break The Raft and free the imprisoned mind of Tony Stark, he ends up with company. A young resistance fighter named Tyler tells Cap he's not going alone, insisting on joining the living legend in order to override security.

As the Defenders mission gets underway, James Stark meets with his father, where he gives a devilish speech about how he made his own armor without Tony's help. What's more, he pledges to do what his father could not: keep the world safe. The preview ends with Captain America and Tyler using a Quinjet, one of the last remnants of the original Avengers, as he and Tyler prepare to break into the Raft. 

Check out the full preview, which features Alex Ross' cover starring a middle-aged Ms. Marvel, followed by the issue's official solicitation text.

Off the shores of New York City sits THE RAFT, a government facility full of secrets and danger! Can CAPTAIN AMERICA infiltrate it before the new IRON MAN gives him the same gruesome fate as TONY STARK?

Readers can see if Captain America and the Defenders' mission succeeds when Marvel Comics' "Avengers Twilight" #3 arrives in comic book stores on February 28, 2024.