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One Thing About Green Lantern's Costume Makes His Debut Disgusting

Green Lantern wears one of the most iconic costumes among DC Comics heroes. However, his green, black, and white outfit actually has a disgusting history tied to his origin that may make some readers feel a bit nauseous about it.

Hal Jordan's Green Lantern debuted in "Showcase" #22 (by John Broome, Gil Kane, Julius Schwartz, Gaspar Saldino, and Joe Giella) from DC Comics, with the Silver Age hero's origin occurring on the very first page. The issue opens with Jordan, an ace test pilot, discovering a downed spaceship on Earth. Inspecting the crash sight closer, Jordan discovers the Green Lantern Abin Sur, who gifts him a green lantern, telling him he has been chosen to replace him on the Green Lantern Corps. Before dying, Sur gives Jordan his Power Ring. However, it's Jordan suiting up as Green Lantern that should raise a few eyebrows.

Jordan disposes of Sur's ship and records before revealing he told him to take his special uniform and wear it as his own. Yes, it's implied Jordan stripped the dead alien of his costume at his request and wore it himself without cleaning it. While the scene successfully shows the transfer of power, role, and appearance from Sur to Jordan, it's incredibly unsanitary and downright wild that the Green Lantern undresses a dead body to get his suit. Understandably, the undressing hasn't been mentioned again in DC Comics lore.

Will Green Lantern's suit origin be adapted?

While the comics have made sure to avoid bringing up the disgusting suit transfer from the deceased Abin Sur to Hal Jordan in "Showcase" #22, it remains to be seen whether the new live-action DC Universe will do the same. The Green Lantern Corps is already taking shape. A member of the team has already been cast, with Nathan Fillion set to play the hot-headed Guy Gardner in "Superman: Legacy"." Furthermore, James Gunn's roster hints that an adaptation of the classic "Justice League International" might be in the works. 

Additionally, Hal Jordan and John Stewart are set to be featured in a live-action television series on Max, with no official casting happening yet. It wouldn't be surprising to see the upcoming show deal with Jordan's origin and how he gained his incredible ring and powers. But, adapting the plot point of him stripping a dead Sur of his costume and taking it for himself is very unlikely and is best left ignored. It's a nightmarish scene in retrospect and leaves both germaphobes and Green Lantern fans feeling a bit queasy. 

Instead, it would make a lot more sense for Green Lantern's costume to come via his Power Ring as it does in the majority of DC Comics stories, or for someone else to make it. Hal meeting Abin Sur is integral to his transformation as a hero. But, his taking Sur's suit from his cold, dead hands is hardly important to the plot. Cutting the scene from any future adaptation is an easy call to make for those in charge of the DCU.