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Jensen Ackles Cast As Solid Snake In Perfect Metal Gear Solid Movie Fanart

If there's a heroic role that demands a solid chin and a steely glare, chances are a fan has dreamed of casting "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles for the part. From donning the iconic visor of X-Men's Cyclops in MCU fanart to giving him the cape and cowl of Batman in a fan-made trailer, there are so many great gigs he could take on. One astounding "What if...?" from a dedicated fan, however, comes in the form of Ronald Garcia's gorgeous work on Instagram that transformed the star into super spy and lover of cardboard boxes, Solid Snake, from the revered "Metal Gear Solid" video game series. 

Garcia wrote, "With all this 'Metal Gear Solid 3' remake thing, I was thinking, who will fit as Solid Snake in the upcoming film?" The artist posted the incredible work in 2023, acknowledging at the time who was already in the running for the live-action movie set to be directed by Jordan Vogt Roberts. "I know ma man Oscar Isaac is going to do an amazing job as the legendary Snake, but I was watching the 3rd season of 'The Boys' and man, Jensen Ackles as solder-boy reminds me a lot Solid Snake, maybe in another universe, right?" Admittedly, though, a lot of time has passed since this bit of fan casting and the current state of the "Metal Gear Solid" movie. For one, the film is now without its Snake, opening up the chance that Ackles could take on the role after all.

Jensen Ackles might have a chance as Solid Snake after all

It's as baffling as a first round with Psycho Mantis as to why the "Metal Gear Solid" film has been stuck in development hell. The video game series practically bubbles with so much cinematic scope, with entries feeling like a mish-mash of "Escape from New York" and a 007 movie. Nevertheless, an adaptation that's been in the works may have taken another hit following the news from Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman that Oscar Isaac abandoned plans to lead the "Metal Gear Solid" movie he'd been attached to since 2020. Unfortunately, in the four years since, no progression appears to have been made which made it understandable why he parted ways.

Factoring this in, there is no telling whether Ackles' name could find a place on the potential replacement list. For the past few years, Ackles' presence has risen following his lengthy stint in "Supernatural" and then getting a great jolt in "The Boys" as Soldier Boy. That role saw him as a war-torn "hero" with traits that could easily fall into Snake's signature characteristics of a bitter product of war. Who knows? With Isaac stepping away and Vogt-Roberts presumably trying to turn the gears again, Ackles might be another fan casting that actually becomes a reality.