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Smallville's Alan Ritchson Hated His Aquaman Costume: 'That Speedo Was Scary'

Alan Ritchson has seen his star rise as of late. He starred as Aimes in 2023's "Fast X" and is a powerhouse on Amazon Prime Video with the titular role on "Reacher." But when he stopped by BroBible's "Post-Credit Podcast," he couldn't help but reflect on one of his earlier roles, even if it wasn't for the best reasons.

When the conversation steered toward his role as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, on "Smallville," Ritchson mentioned one thing he doesn't look back fondly on: "What comes to mind first is how fast and far I can run from all civilization when I see myself in that orange head-to-toe Speedo, zipped up the middle." The actor's costume is a far cry from what Jason Momoa wears in the Aquaman films. Back then, he felt there wasn't much else he could do. "When you're just starting out, you do not feel like you have a voice or permission to say anything, so I just never questioned a thing, and I wish I had. That Speedo was scary."

Ritchson continued to say that he's grateful for what "Smallville" allotted him, but he's ready for other things. That could even include a return to the DC universe if the stars align.

Alan Ritchson is grateful fans want to see him as Batman

"Smallville" isn't the only time Alan Ritchson played a comic book character. He portrayed Raphael in two live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, and he was the heroic vigilante Hank Hall, aka Hawk, on "Titans." Even with all that, fans want to see the actor don an iconic mask by being the new Batman in James Gunn's upcoming rebooted DC Universe. Someone will have to play the Caped Crusader in "The Brave and the Bold," and Ritchson has already talked about replacing Ben Affleck as the new Batman

The topic was raised on the "Post-Credit Podcast." The actor couldn't get into specifics (assuming he's in the know about anything related to Batman casting), but he's appreciative that viewers wish to see him as the legendary character: "The fact that people are interested in me playing Batman is a real honor and privilege." He talked about watching 1989's "Batman" and falling in love with the superhero when he was young. He continued, "For there even to be a conversation or a rumor mill surrounding this role for me is ... All I can do is laugh."

It could be a while before any "The Brave and the Bold" casting news comes to fruition. The film's not expected to release until later in 2026. Plus, plenty of other names fans have bandied about, like Jensen Ackles and Taron Egerton. Becoming the next cinematic Batman is a highly coveted prospect for many, but no matter what happens, Ritchson isn't doing too bad for himself with more "Reacher" and other projects on the way.