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One Spider-Man Costume Is Way Too Violent For The MCU And The Spider-Verse

So far, during his stint as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland has made six appearances with eight costume changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (five of which were in "Spider-Man: No Way Home"). His wardrobe is likely to change again if he continues his tenure, but you can bet the MCU won't adapt the costume from the comics when Spider-Man is an assassin. We've seen Holland's iteration switch to "kill mode" during the finale of "Avengers: Endgame," but he was facing mindless alien drones that needed to be taken out. But what if Holland's hero just lost it, and the off switch for "kill mode" went out the window? That's just something this family-friendly Spidey couldn't possibly deliver, right? While it might be hard to believe for the not-so-dark MCU, there's one Spider-Man who'd have no issue with a point-blank execution.

In an alternate reality, Peter Parker becomes a cold-blooded killer and works alongside Wolverine as a lethal webbed weapon. On Earth-8351, Peter Parker leaves Mary-Jane and kits out his suit with web shooters with built-in guns. Having no issue with killing his opponents following these modifications, it portrays a far darker hero than the one we've been familiar with in the MCU and a version we don't anticipate seeing in live-action. But while the odds of Tom Holland taking up arms as an Assassin Spider-Man seem unlikely, there might be a chance this no-nonsense version could swing into another beloved Spider-Man-related story.

Assassin Spider-Man could be a perfect henchman in Beyond the Spider-Verse

Given how things ended in "Across the Spider-Verse," there's a chance that Miguel O'Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac), is going to rope together a stricter group of wall-crawlers to capture Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) and restabilize reality as he sees fit. It would make sense for Peter from Earth-8351 to get the call and apply his more intense methods to capture the anomaly and complete the job that others might be reluctant to. Should Miguel press the panic button and deploy a more lethal group of Spider-People, don't be surprised if a black-eyed crimson-colored version of everyone's favorite wall-crawler swings in with an itchy trigger finger. It'll be a Peter, just thankfully not the one we know and love.

That's not the only place the Spider-shot-wielding killer could turn up. With plans for Amazon's "Spider-Man: Noir" to spin his own webs and promising a more violent iteration of a wall-crawler who is also packing heat, Assassin Spider-Man could find a home there too and take a shot at bringing the bad guys down in a fashion that Tom Holland's Peter Parker simply wouldn't stand for. For now, though, we can be safe knowing that the suit of the MCU Spider-Man will be limited to webbing and maybe a wallet and phone if in a pinch.