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Who Plays Angela Cabot On Blue Bloods?

Sometimes, even the smallest of choices lead to huge events on "Blue Bloods." For example, when Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his wife Linda (Amy Carlson) head to the bank to refinance their house, they inadvertently find themselves caught up in a robbery. Danny dedicates himself to tracking down the culprits and soon learns that they're a team of former army vets whose benefits have been cut, leading them to desperate acts. Chief among them is Angela Cabot (Christina Bennett Lind), whose husband was severely injured during a tour of duty in Baqubah. 

Frustrated with a lack of help coming from any official legal body connected to the Veteran's Affairs office, Angela is stuck dealing with extreme medical debt. In desperation, she turns to other members of her military team, whom the VA has dealt a poor hand. They decide to ease their financial difficulties by robbing banks. Danny doesn't want to arrest Angela and tries to get her to take a plea bargain. Ultimately, she accepts the deal after some direct manipulation from Danny. She ends up with a 5-year jail term — but only after learning her husband's procedures have already been approved by the VA.

Christina Bennett Lind makes quite an impression as Angela, and it turns out she has a lot of experience playing ingenues and cold, calculating types.

Christina Bennett Lind is a former soap queen

Christina Bennett Lind will mainly be familiar with television fans for one role: Bianca Montgomery, the do-gooding daughter of soap queen Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) on "All My Children." Lind replaced Eden Riegel in the role, and her time on the show lasted for 148 episodes. She also had a four-episode recurring role in "House of Cards" as Sharon and recurred as classic Hollywood actress Tallulah Bankhead in the Prime Video miniseries "Z: The Beginning of Everything." Lind made several guest appearances in "Person of Interest," "Dietland," "Bull," "Atlanta," "The Blacklist" and "Forever."

Lind has also appeared in several short films like "Green Apples," "The Talk Man" and "John, This is." When it comes to full-length films, you can spy her in "Fireworkers," "Calico Skies," and "The Undiscovered Country."

Whether she's knocking back cocktails or planning cold murder on screen, Lind is definitely a master of keeping audiences on their toes.