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AI Imagines A Wes Anderson-Directed Spider-Man Movie - The Results Are Spectacular

Wes Anderson has dabbled in a number of genres over the years, but he's never jumped into the world of superheroes. But thanks to artificial intelligence, we finally know what an Anderson-themed "Spider-Man" film could look like. Anderson launched onto the scene in 1996 with "Bottle Rocket" and has been a fan-favorite auteur since then, delivering hits like "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The French Dispatch." A filmmaker with unique characteristics and traits, Anderson stands out as a creative with an uncompromising, singular vision that just can't be recreated. 


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Over the years, he's developed a cult following and has worked with several A-list stars, making him one of the busiest directors in Hollywood. Despite his clout, Anderson has never dabbled with superheroes. TikTok user @3brother_podcast has utilized AI to create a sleek montage showing what an Anderson-directed "Spider-Man" film could look like, and the results are spectacular (pun very much intended). 

The mock trailer for the "Spider-Man" film features all of Anderson's trademark quirks, including symmetrical, visually pleasing shots and a soothing narrator to provide context. There's even some whimsical classic music to set the mood. The small clip highlights Spider-Man's mythos and various villains while still retaining Anderson's signature visual language. The trailer for the fictional "Spider-Man – Symphony of Spiders" does an excellent job of imagining how Anderson would tackle the ever-popular Marvel hero, who has dominated the big screen for the last two decades. 

Timothée Chalamet is Spider-Man in the Wes Anderson-influenced trailer

For the fictional, AI-generated concept, the TikTok creator picked a number of interesting actors to bring Wes Anderson's vision to life. Timothée Chalamet, who headlined "The French Dispatch," is seen as Peter Parker. It's an interesting casting decision and one that actually could have been a reality. In 2018, The Hollywood Reporter noted that Chalamet auditioned for the role of Spider-Man when it came time for the character to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The role ultimately went to Tom Holland. 

In the fan-made concept video, Uncle Ben is played by Tom Hanks, who worked with the auteur on 2023's "Asteroid City." While Hanks is a fine choice for the wise Uncle Ben, it's a bit surprising that the creators didn't consider Bill Murray for the role — he's worked with Anderson over half a dozen times. In "Symphony of Spiders," the nefarious Green Goblin is played by Matthew McConaughey, who has never starred in an Anderson picture. Mark Hamill, meanwhile, plays Doctor Octopus in what's a genuinely brilliant casting. Sandman is played by WWE star-turned-actor John Cena. These days, Cena is well-known for playing Peacemaker, an anti-hero he brought to life for James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad." The trailer ends by revealing that "Kingsman" star Taron Egerton would play Venom

As great as the fan-made trailer for "Symphony of Spiders" is, Anderson won't be bringing "Spider-Man" to the big screen anytime soon. Anderson continues to create films that he wants, with actors he desires. While he'd no doubt pump out great blockbusters, he's one of the few contemporary filmmakers doing his own thing, and mainstream Hollywood is all the better for it.