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Star Wars: What Is A Moff?

The "Star Wars" universe is riddled with countless epic ranks and titles. The franchise does take place in a galaxy, after all. From Jedi Masters to Sith Lords, titles can mean a lot, including earning the gig of being a Moff. Not to be confused with what a Londoner names a dusty insect that flies into lights, the most notable Moff in "Star Wars" would be Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, brought to life in "Star Wars: A New Hope" by Peter Cushing.

A fierce presence in the Galactic Empire, Moffs were conceived by Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) after he'd taken over the galaxy and gained a wheezing new apprentice in the form of Darth Vader. The title of Moff was a political rank given to governors within the Galactic Empire who handled their own space sector. After five years of Palpatine's successful reign and keeping the rebel scum at bay, he had a whopping 20 Moffs running things across the galaxy.

He appointed Tarkin to the role of Grand Moff, essentially making him the Regional Manager of the Galactic Empire. However, his position was blown to pieces thanks to Luke Skywalker and a winning shot down the exhaust port of the Death Star. Understandably, the title was passed around before landing on one of the more pivotal characters in the "Star Wars" universe after "Return of the Jedi."

Gideon continued the trend of doomed high Empire employees

Following the demise of Grand Moff Tarkin, the Empire was on the back foot a tad before striking back and building a new Death Star. After that plan got blown to space dust and the Emperor with it (sort of), up-and-coming Moff Valco Pandion appointed himself as Grand before being killed in the Battle of Akiva by New Republic forces. It was some time before a new replacement arrived in the form of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), who became a major issue for Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu in "The Mandalorian."

Just like every other major Moff, though, Gideon met a fiery doom in the Season 3 finale of "The Mandalorian" at the hands of our favorite bounty hunter buddy pair and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff). As it stands, the position of top Moff is vacant. With Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) now back on the scene and on a mission to cause bother to the New Republic, the chances of it being filled again are low. It might be better that way. Grand Moff sounds like a demanding gig with a high chance of explosion.