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AI Reimagines Spider-Man's Costume In Different Countries & The Results Are Stunning

Once upon a time, the name Spider-Man conjured a very specific image. The red and blue tights, the black web detail work, the fun little spider-shaped emblem, and the inexplicably emotional, unseeing eyes are all aspects of Spidey's iconic outfit. And they still are. But Peter Parker isn't the only Spider-Person in the public consciousness anymore. From Miles Morales to Gwen Stacy, and Cassandra Webb to Miguel O'Hara, moviegoers know that wall-crawlers can come in literally thousands of forms and can wear whatever suits their style. Also, let's not pretend that Parker ever stuck to one aesthetic. None of Spider-Man's most powerful costumes in the Marvel multiverse mirror his standard gear.

And that aesthetic breathing room has opened the door for fans to experiment. On TikTok, digital artist @spanishia used MidJourney to reimagine Marvel's favorite hero as if he were from different countries. The formula must've worked well for them because they posted a follow-up video. All told, @spanishia created 23 Spider-Variants from 23 countries.

Some of the costumes are simply a palette swap, others feature terrifying armor or radical protrusions, and some are just plain weird. However, that's kind of how the Spider-Verse already works, and nothing will ever be as weird as Spiders-Man. India Spider-Man might be a close second, though.

Anyone (and anywhere) can be Spider-Man

Across both of @spanishia's videos, the Spider-Men based on Austria, Greece, the U.K., Ukraine, Iceland, Montenegro, and Greenland, are the variants that appear most similar to Peter Parker's typical attire. The colors and paneling might be a little different but they ultimately fall within the same vertical. One degree further away are the Spider-Men from China, Spain, Albania, Italy, Seychelles, and South Korea. These costumes add a little something extra. 

China Spider-Man wears these intricate, beautiful epaulets, while Albania Spider-Man wears a hood that appears to be made out of webbing. Seychelles Spider-Man made cutouts for his fingers and toes. Brazil Spider-Man really should fit into this category, too, but he looks so massive, like a Spider-Hulk, that he deserves special mention.


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The rest of the countries — Germany, Algeria, Mozambique, Mexico, Vatican City, Finland, Egypt, Poland, Jamaica, and India — create Spider-Men with costumes that deviate even further from the familiar. Something about these heroes — if they are still indeed heroes — oozes personality. Germany Spider-Man looks straight up like a CW "Flash" villain, Mozambique Spider-Man is only recognizable as a wall-crawler because of his mask, and Vatican City Spider-Man is clearly an "Assassin's Creed" fan.

Honestly, this last batch of Spidey variants is the coolest because each commits wholly to the conceit. Finland Spider-Man could take on Sauron with that armor, Poland Spider-Man definitely kills for sport, and Egypt Spider-Man desperately needs a cameo in "Moon Knight" Season 2. While it's true that some variants, like India Spider-Man, prove AI needs sensitivity training to combat harmful stereotypes, most of these wall-crawlers are stylish, battle-ready, and make just as much sense as the wider, weirder Spider-Verse.