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What's The Christine And The Queens Song In That Amazon Commercial With The Plants?

Amazon's latest commercial for its services features a melancholy woman who moves alone to a new apartment in a big city. She seems miserable, and her surroundings are quite sterile. Over the tune of the Christine and the Queens song "Full of Life," she can be seen watching episodes of Prime Video's biggest hits, then using the company's website to buy supplies for a garden. 

As she works away at the project and the months pass, she continues to use Amazon for everything from gardening tutorials to purchasing additional plants, and her garden grows, turning her house and balcony into a lush jungle. Insects visit, and the apartment looks much more like a place where life occurs rather than the sterile, white void it was at the beginning of the commercial. As she stands on her balcony, a phone message can be heard, one presumably delivered by her mother. The mother says that it looks just like their garden at home — and that she's so proud of the young woman, who finally looks happy and content with the life she's made for herself.

While this is the first major contribution Christine and the Queens — the stage name of French singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier — has made to the world of commercials, this isn't the first time his music has appeared in a television production.

We've heard Christine and the Queens on TV before

Christine and the Queens has contributed several other songs to a variety of television programs. His song "iT" can be heard in the "Girls" episode "Old Loves." His version of "Eyes of a Child" can be heard in the Season 2 premiere of the Prime Video version of "Hanna." "Tilted" — also known as "Christine"  — has made the biggest splash so far for him on the international pop charts. It was a top 20 hit in Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom and can be heard in the Season 2 episode of "Better Things," "Graduation." "Tilted" also shows up in Season 2 of Max's drama "Industry."

Christine and the Queens' songs have also become a part of the landscape of Netflix's patchwork of dramas: his song "Girlfriend" can be heard in Season 1 of "The Duchess." And in Prime Video's "The Voyeurs," their tune "People, I Am Sad" can be heard during the film. 

Whether it's covering Bee Gees or releasing a triple LP that explores the very nature of love, desire, and agony, Christine and the Queens definitely appears to be on the rise, and his Amazon commercial debut will only spread along his tuneful vibes.