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Taylor Swift Accused Of Time Travel After Suspicious 1981 Commercial Surfaces

Taylor Alison Swift is many things. She's regarded as one of the strongest songwriters of her generation. She's a savvy businesswoman. She's a budding director, a 12-time Grammy winner, and a champion at breaking Guinness World Records. Whenever Swift so much as breathes, she makes headlines (and money), so it's easy to assume that she's capable of literally anything. This includes time travel.

A video is making the rounds on TikTok pointing out that the 33-year-old pop superstar looks oddly like an actress from a 1981 commercial. Posted by user @tikittytalk with a the caption "This 1981 commercial is proof that Taylor Swift is a time traveler." The Glamour Gals doll commercial features a whole collection of dolls, outfits, and accessories. Other Swifties commented on the video, agreeing that the actor in the video looks eerily like Swift, with one user writing, "Wow it really does look like [her]." In case you're not familiar with Glamour Gals, they were a Barbie doll competitor in the '80s.

This isn't the first time that people have come up with theories about Swift being a completely different person — there's a crazy conspiracy theory that Swift and Zeena LaVey, the former high priestess of the Church of Satan, are either clones or the same person (depending on who you ask). Based on Swift's recent efforts to help a little organization called the National Football League get some much-needed press — ratings soar every time she attends a Kansas City Chiefs game to cheer on her beau Travis Kelce — one would assume that, if she were a time traveler, alternative churches and Glamour Gals would be two of the most popular things around.

Taylor Swift was, rather famously, born at the end of the 1980s

In case you're behind on your Taylor Swift lore, let's back up a little bit. Sure, it seems like Swift can achieve basically anything, including traveling through the space-time continuum ... except that she was pretty famously born on December 13, 1989. The fact that she was just shy of being an official '90s baby has become a huge part of her identity; in 2014, she released an album titled "1989," which won a Grammy for Album of the Year and sent Swift on an enormous international tour.

That album has been in the news again lately — as Swift continues to re-record her first six albums after her masters were sold elsewhere, she delivered her fourth revamped record on October 27 with "1989 (Taylor's Version)." If you've been paying attention, you can likely surmise that the album performed pretty well both critically and commercially. Upon its release, Swift beat her own Spotify record when the album scored the highest single-day streams on the platform, and Billboard estimated that it made $25 million in just one day. (In fact, its success led to Swift's net worth crossing one billion dollars for the first time in her career.) According to its Metacritic consensus, the album received pretty glowing reviews from critics as well, surprising absolutely nobody as the singer-songwriter continues to rack up accolades and praise for her genre-spanning works. 

All of this is to say that, while the girl in the commercial definitely looks like Swift, the timeline here is off by a solid eight years.

Taylor Swift has done plenty of commercial work in her career

No, Taylor Swift didn't show up in a commercial for Glamour Gals eight years before her birth, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that she's appeared in a number of commercials over the years thanks to various partnerships. Swift previously worked with Keds to promote their sneakers, and while she was promoting the original version of her third studio album "Speak Now" back in 2010, she began her long-running collaboration with Target. (Swift still works with the big box store and often offers exclusive versions of her records and CDs at the big box chain which can even come with bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere.) 

In advance of her world-spanning, record-smashing Eras Tour, Swift paired up with her longtime supporter Capital One for a popular ad that sees Swift dressed in costumes from all of her various "eras." Perhaps her funniest ever ad, though, is one for Apple Music where she absolutely wipes out while running on a treadmill to Drake's song "Jumpman."

So, is Taylor Swift a time traveler as well as a chart-topping global superstar? Probably not. But it's very possible that she could figure out how to travel through time if she put her mind to it for a few minutes.