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Ahsoka: Some Fans Can't Unsee This X-Men Villain As The Best Baylan Skoll Recast

"Ahsoka" Season 1 ends with Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson) stuck on Peridea and standing near a statue of The Father, one-third of the Mortis gods. As Stevenson passed away earlier this year, the scene has led to theories which posit that Baylan will become a Force God and be written out of Season 2. However, some "Star Wars" fans hope to see another actor portray the Force-sensitive villain moving forward, ensuring that he has a more present role in the franchise.

What's more, some Reddit users have pitched an "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" star to inherit the role. "I really think they have to re-cast Baylan for season 2," u/_Laszlo_Cravensworth wrote. "There's no way they're just going to leave that storyline abandoned. Liev Schrieber would kill it."

Liev Schreiber's performance as Sabretooth in the "X-Men" franchise proves that he can play compelling villains in sci-fi and fantasy fare, so he's arguably a great choice to portray Baylan Skoll. If the Reddit comments are anything to by, he'll have the support of many fans of the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars fans want Liev Schreiber as Baylan Skoll

The pitch to have Liev Schreiber take over from the late Ray Stevenson was met with a very positive response from Reddit users. One fan by the name of u/GrowlingWarrior said that the "X-Men" star boasts a similar type of physicality, while u/FrostedPixel47 noted that he's the same height as Stevenson.

Elsewhere, some fans believe that Stevenson and Schreiber are so alike that it's difficult to distinguish between them. "I was just talking with my friends about Schrieber before watching this episode and how I kept getting him and Ray Stevenson confused," u/spartanjohn113 posted. Another fan, u/BillyHayze, agreed: "I get them confused all the time." They later wrote: "I think Liev would make a good Baylan for sure."

While Schreiber appears to be the most popular choice to continue the legacy of Baylan Skoll moving forward, he wasn't the only suggestion to crop up on Reddit. Names such as Vincent Regan, Graham McTavish, Karl Urban, and Kristofer Hivju were also put forward.