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Wednesday Season 2 Cast, Showrunners, And More Details

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While Netflix has had plenty of hits over the last decade, few have been as popular as "Wednesday." As a result, Season 2 has a lot riding on it. But it's not just a matter of success — Season 1's explosive events make their own storytelling demands. The "Wednesday" Season 1 finale sees Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) unmasked as the beast who has been stalking Nevermore Academy. Moreover, Marilyn Thornhill, who's played by Wednesday Addams alum Christina Ricci, is revealed as the one who's been controlling him.

Both characters meet their end, but they don't go alone. Dr. Valeria Kinbott (Riki Lindhome) is also murdered, and Larissa Weems' (Gwendoline Christie) fate is left up in the air, as she's attacked but doesn't visibly die on screen. The character may have a miraculous recovery, but at the moment, we just aren't sure. So what do we know exactly? Well, there's quite a bit of info about the highly anticipated Jenna Ortega series, so let's dive into everything we know so far about "Wednesday" Season 2.

When will Wednesday Season 2 be released?

After the wild success of "Wednesday" Season 1, the second season was supposed to start filming in September 2023. However, the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes put production on pause. Of course, the strikes ended in late 2023, so what's the status of the deliciously macabre series now?

Well, fortunately, we've got good news. In May 2024, Netflix announced that "Wednesday" Season 2 had begun production. Unlike the first season — which filmed largely in Romania — the next installment in the creepy, kooky show will shoot in Ireland. Based on a quick little announcement released by Netflix, it appears the first episode of the show will be titled "Here We Woe Again," and we're expecting to see the series hit the streamer sometime in 2025.

What is the plot of Wednesday Season 2?

Nevermore Academy is destroyed at the end of Season 1 of "Wednesday." Does that mean Season 2 will take place largely at the Addams mansion? While the show could spend more time there, we're definitely going back to Wednesday's old school, as we know Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire") will be playing Nevermore's new principal.

Season 2 is also set to undergo a shift in tone. "I've received some scripts now for the second season, and we're definitely leaning into a little bit more horror," Ortega told E! (via Deadline). "It's really, really exciting because all throughout the show [Wednesday] never really changes and that's what's wonderful about her." Don't worry, though — the humor isn't going anywhere. "There's some really good one-liners and I think everything is bigger," Ortega opined. "It's a lot more action-packed. I think each episode will probably feel a little bit more like a movie, which is nice."

Notably, as Ortega revealed in an interview with Variety, love will not be on the table. "We're ditching any romantic love interest," she remarked, "which is really great." Certain characters are also expected to get more development, especially Bianca. Joy Sunday, her actress, told Entertainment Weekly that she's eager to explore her character's vulnerability and her relationship with Wednesday. "I think it's so natural for her and Wednesday to have a little bit of competition," she remarked. "I'm really excited to see their friendship bloom alongside that."

Who is starring in Wednesday Season 2?

Needless to say, Jenna Ortega is returning as the title character, and she'll be joined by returning cast members Emma Mayers (Enid), Joy Sunday (Bianca), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia), Luis Guzman (Gomez), Hunter Doohan (Tyler), Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley), and Fred Armisen (Uncle Fester). One prominent cast member who won't be returning is Percy Hynes White (Xavier Thorpe) following sexual assault allegations.

Then we've got the newcomers, and it's a who's who of talent. Steve Buscemi of "Boardwalk Empire" will play the new Nevermore Academy principal, and he'll be joined by other series regulars such as Billie Piper ("Doctor Who"), Evie Templeton ("Return to Silent Hill"), Owen Painter ("Tiny Beautiful Things"), and Noah Taylor ("Almost Famous"). They'll be joined by some seriously impressive guest stars, such as Thandiwe Newton ("Westworld"), Haley Joel Osment ("The Sixth Sense"), Heather Matarazzo ("The Princess Diaries"), Frances O'Connor ("Mansfield Park"), and Joanna Lumley ("Absolutely Fabulous") as Grandmama Addams.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of casting is guest star Christopher Lloyd. While the actor is most famous for playing Doc Brown in the "Back to the Future" franchise, audiences will no doubt recognize him from the 1990s "Addams Family" movies where he played Uncle Fester. It looks like the creators behind "Wednesday" enjoy casting actors from the beloved films, as Christina Ricci also starred in Season 1.

Who are the showrunners for Wednesday Season 2?

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar oversaw the first season of "Wednesday." You may recognize their names if you were a fan of "Smallville," which the duo also developed. Between the two of them, they've also worked on "Spider-Man 2," "Into the Badlands," "The Shannara Chronicles," and the "Shanghai Noon" franchise.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners were very pleased to get the official notice that "Wednesday" had been renewed for Season 2. "It's been incredible to create a show that has connected with people across the world," they said in a statement. "Thrilled to continue Wednesday's tortuous journey into season two. We can't wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the kooky spooky world of Nevermore. Just need to make sure Wednesday hasn't emptied the pool first."

But will Tim Burton be coming back to collaborate with Gough and Millar on the series? Fortunately, Burton released a statement that confirms his involvement with Season 2 of "Wednesday." "I mentally put stuff on hold until all the strikes are over," the writer-director explained to BFI, referencing the writers' and actors' strikes. "But yeah, I'll be involved in some [way]." At the moment, we know the legendary director will helm the first episode of the season, although we're unsure how many he'll direct after that.

Where can you watch Season 1 of Wednesday?

"Wednesday" Season 1 can be found on Netflix, its original streaming home. As it's become a massive hit, it's unlikely that streaming platform will ever let it go. But Netflix isn't actually the only place you can watch "Wednesday." You can purchase individual episodes or the entire first season on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, or YouTube. Price varies, depending on whether you opt for high definition or standard definition; generally, the former will cost you $2.99 or $3.99 per episode, while the latter goes for $1.99.