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One Piece: Netflix Adaptation Trailer Gets Anime Overhaul By Fan

Netflix's "One Piece" trailer featured plenty of small details and big reveals, giving great looks at many fan-favorite characters as the streamer sails toward the show's release date of August 31. While the series will face the hurdles of live-action anime adaptations, one fan took it upon themselves to reimagine the "One Piece" trailer using scenes from the anime, and the result is incredible. 

Uploaded to YouTube by lordlook, the anime version entirely recreates Netflix's live-action trailer with scenes from the anime. While not a perfect 1:1 recreation, the fan edit does an excellent job of finding nearly spot-on clips from the anime, showing what "One Piece" could look like with the Netflix dub. That's right, the creator did not substitute the classic Japanese dub over the trailer, choosing to use the audio from the Netflix series instead, and it works surprisingly well. 

Given that Netflix's "One Piece" adapts the earliest arcs of the anime, one would think the anime version of the trailer would use footage from older episodes. However, they'd be wrong, as the creator went the extra mile, sourcing the clips through flashbacks from modern anime specials and "One Piece" movies to ensure their trailer only used high-definition scenes. The result is a surprisingly detailed, incredibly well-made fan trailer that proves that, even with just the voices, Netflix may have nailed the casting for their live-action adaptation.

Fans appreciate the anime trailer

Everyone knows it's hard to please anime fans; they've been through enough heartbreaks with previous live-action adaptations. However, the fan edit recreation of Netflix's trailer with the "One Piece" anime is off to a hot start. While it only takes about two minutes to watch the anime version of the trailer, much more time went into perfecting it, as the creator scavenged across countless scenes through the "One Piece" specials and movies to find the perfect substitutes and their work is paying off tenfold.

After just a few weeks on YouTube, the trailer has already garnered over 1 million views, and fans are showing their love in the comment section. @Kat-bv9fc wrote, "The fact that you not only found all of these scenes but you took them from the reanimated versions in flashbacks and movies is incredible." Similarly, @Bluacezz2251 wants people to know just how hard this process had to have been, saying, "I don't think people understand how insanely impressive this is, finding all the clips and making the dialogue match is insane."

Others pointed out how the anime version of the trailer compliments Netflix's upcoming adaptation. @BoxedGDrums thinks it's a sign for good to come, saying, "The fact that this is so incredible means they did something right with the live-action," while @Takashii85 was blown away by how well the Netflix dub fit, pointing out Iñaki Godoys voice as Luffy as a standout.