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The Rookie Vs. Castle: Nathan Fillion Finally Settles A Huge Fan Debate

Nathan Fillion is just as recognizable to crime drama fans as he is to science fiction fans. The "Firefly" alum started catching the attention of mystery watchers with his portrayal of best-selling author Richard Castle on the hit series "Castle," which finds the writer solving cases while accompanying members of the NYPD to conduct research for his stories while acting as a consultant.

Two years after the ending of "Castle," Fillion would take on the role of John Nolan in "The Rookie." The series follows Nolan as he leaves the construction business behind to move to Los Angeles where he becomes a member of the LAPD, relying on his training and life experience to help save the day.

Given their shared passion for crime-solving, fans may be wondering which character would be the best at solving cases, and Fillion himself has an answer for this huge debate. He compared the two with Entertainment Weekly. "Rick Castle, he has really bizarre, terrible theories. His theories are always so far out there, but he eventually gets the guy always. And then John Nolan, he just has more crime versus murders. I'm going to say by sheer number, John. But I'm going to say Rick Castle probably has solved far more murders though," he said.

And Fillion has also shared the reason why his character on "The Rookie" is so different from Castle.

Why Fillion says John Nolan's story reflects today's culture

"Castle" begins with Richard Castle enjoying the success of his novels while raising his teenage daughter Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) and keeping an eye on his mom Martha (Susan Sullivan). In Season 1, Episode 1, "Flowers for Your Grave," he enters the world of the NYPD after finding out that a serial killer's tactics mirror those found in the pages of his novels.

In stark contrast, "The Rookie" is based on a true story, and the setup of the series is much different compared to "Castle." Season 1, Episode 1, "Pilot" begins with John Nolan at a crossroads in life amid his divorce from his wife. While placing his wedding ring in a safety deposit box, he finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery. Soon after the incident, he leaves behind his construction business in Pennsylvania to join the LAPD, becoming the department's oldest rookie.

Nolan makes a lot of big changes in the middle of his life, and that's why Nathan Fillion believes his character's story is so relevant in today's world. He told BUILD Series, "The idea of the do-over is prevalent in our culture right now. This is what people are doing. Marriage was the norm, then divorce became the norm, and now people are starting over. Gone are the days where you get a job in your early 20s or late teens and you die doing that job. The changeover is much faster."